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New member
Last week I was on the leg press on the 4th set getting full ROM at the bottom of the eccentric I felt and heard a huge pop in left ribs right down the bottom end and now my ribs are pretty sore. Doc said it would most likely be muscular. The bloody noise was insane and the pop I felt internally was a bit concerning.

Anyone had this happen before? What was recovery time like ?

I’m still training hard on every other body part as well as the leg movements that don’t involve too much spinal / rib movements.
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Yep, I can recall something similar. No bloody nose or severe pain though. No long term damage as far as ai know.
It depends upon the intensity of pain you're feeling. I think if they are sore due to minor injury then the pain would not be of the kind which happen due to severe injury. I'd suggest to not do any exercise which involves the rib movement, and give it a time to get healed.