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  1. E

    Low T levels. Anyone know a good doctor in Sydney

    I’ve had my bloods done and my test levels are 9.8 and I’m only 31. The “normal range” is 9.7-34 but my doctor doesn’t seem to have an issue which mine being at the bottom range of the scale. So I’m wondering if anyone knows a good doctor that I can go and see that will help fix this issue I...
  2. A

    Leg press - rib pop.

    Last week I was on the leg press on the 4th set getting full ROM at the bottom of the eccentric I felt and heard a huge pop in left ribs right down the bottom end and now my ribs are pretty sore. Doc said it would most likely be muscular. The bloody noise was insane and the pop I felt internally...
  3. B

    Fusion+artificial disc

    Getting a fusion on the bottom an double adr at 4/5 lumbar vertebrae in a few weeks. Anyone had it done? Enlighten me with stories of recovery etc
  4. Darkoz

    Adjustable trap bar

    I like the look of this trap bar with adjustable handles and they're not raised so you can get down lower in the bottom position https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0J25iBE9Do
  5. S

    The Matrix training system by Dr Ron Laura

    I remember this being promoted in the Bodybuilding Mags of the late 80s and early 90s. I wasn't sold on it and only tried it once or twice but I did by the Book, just incase it was some great innovation (back late 80s I thinks). It did fade into obscurity pretty quickly though lol. The Matrix...
  6. Goosey

    Leg press

    A good exercise, some depending on design emphasize the hip, while other allow one to go much deeper (safely) compared to the squat. if you ever feel strain in the low back or itchy afterwards , consider how you perform the movement, more often than not you shouldn’t actually sit on the seat...
  7. Headley

    Damaged back/ass

    Unfortunately for me i had to go and break my ass. Fortunately for me it was on the bottom of a lift shaft and not the cock. Had the accident on the 19th of Feb, basically i stepped into the open well of an elevated loading dock, a lateral beam with a 4" raised lip along it broke my fall, and...
  8. Shrek

    Arnold Press.

    Yes or no? https://www.muscleandstrength.com/exercises/seated-arnold-press.html
  9. A

    Budget platform

    So I bought some lifting shoes, and wanting them to last, decided to implement some type of platform. 1 sheet of 15mm plywood 2.4 x 1.2, cut down to 1.1 to slot inbetween rack base. 1/2 tin cabot's cfp floor polyurethane. 3 coats for the top, sanded inbetween. 2 coats for the bottom, no...
  10. A

    New addon in the works

    I have commissioned a new addon for the site , i wont tell too much at the moment , but i am thinking a few might be interested in it
  11. K

    FS/ gym equipment, rack, bumpers, sled etc.

    I have a bunch of equipment for sale, some of it is on the Gold Coast and some of it is in Greenbank. Pick up only, I may deliver for a cost to local areas, will not organise postage. Squat rack, it has a small footprint, cant OH press inside. It was originally made to be bolted down, solid...
  12. A

    Has bodybuilding helped or harmed your dating life?

    Has bodybuilding helped or harmed your dating life?
  13. O

    Test Booster Res100

    As approved by Admin: Res100 Click to Buy www.wickedsupplements.com Ok I am going to post a lot of info here and all the info is important to understand exactly how Res100 Works to increase not only testosterone but also improve your health. I will also post some reviews so you can see how...
  14. buncey

    Split Routines?

    hey guys, quick questions doing split routines? are they effective with building mass, because everybody i have asked at the gym etc all do split routines and i just wanted to know! i know you need your squats, deadlifts, bench press etc but do you need the other exercises to , to build...
  15. J

    bottom bicep / elbow pains

    hey guys, in the past week or 2 i have somehow tweaked my left arm (around the lower bicep / elbow region).. it returns on training days, and ive just had a 3 week break (the problem started just before i had a break), the arm got better and now it has returned!!!!! it hurts mostly when im...
  16. A

    Blisters and Tearing on the bottom of my feet

    I get these EVERY single time I go for a run, play sport or go for a walk that is 30mins or more. Does anyone else get this? any ways to stop it? I played indoor tonight and its the worst I've ever had it. I even tape up the bottom of my feet to absorb some of the pressure. Have lost a fair...