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  1. E

    Low T levels. Anyone know a good doctor in Sydney

    I’ve had my bloods done and my test levels are 9.8 and I’m only 31. The “normal range” is 9.7-34 but my doctor doesn’t seem to have an issue which mine being at the bottom range of the scale. So I’m wondering if anyone knows a good doctor that I can go and see that will help fix this issue I...
  2. M

    Doctor Brisbane/GC ??

    any indication of doctor in Brisbane? I need to do a testo reposition. The doctor I usually go to is not in Australia anymore, does anyone have any indication? TIA
  3. B

    legit sarms websites?

    looking for legit sarms websites australia
  4. A

    Leg press - rib pop.

    Last week I was on the leg press on the 4th set getting full ROM at the bottom of the eccentric I felt and heard a huge pop in left ribs right down the bottom end and now my ribs are pretty sore. Doc said it would most likely be muscular. The bloody noise was insane and the pop I felt internally...
  5. A

    On TRT, needs to source HCG,. Help!

    Hi, I am currently on TRT for Low T but my doctor wont put me on HCG. Can anyone recommend an online store to purchase HCG for this. I have seen austeroids, au-roids and ozgear...but I dont know which is legit and which is not. Thanks
  6. J

    Low Testosterone (Clomid Therapy Instead of TRT)

    Hi Everyone, New to the site and have a query. Back story I'm 34 years old and have low Testosterone. As my wife and I are planning on having a family TRT was not an option and instead doctor put me on 25mg dose of Clomid. I was skeptical at first but see below for the results. Blood Tests...
  7. Big Mick

    Doctor Explains Why Calories in vs Calories Out is a Fallacy.

  8. A

    Neck pain

    After the back pain, neck pain is one of the most common pain that is people are suffering from it. The neck pain doctor used different treatment tricks to treat the neck pain like Acupuncture, herbal remedies, massage, yoga, and Pilates, Chiropractic care , Medication , Physical therapy.
  9. J

    How to stop hairfall?

    Hi I want to know that how I can stop my hair fall?? I have tried everything...like balancing my diet, eating nutritious food and alll.... But still, I can't feel any change. Is going to Doctor is the only solution or if anyone can help me by suggesting some useful tips for stopping my hair...
  10. M

    Aromatase inhibitors

    Hi All, Does anyone know if a Sydney doctor can prescribe AI's (Arimedex or Aromasin) to treat gynocomastia? im a 48 year old bodybuilder on TRT (250 Mg Test E per fortnight)
  11. S

    Prostate check ups

    Since my Father died of Prostate Cancer indirectly I'm looking at a lifetime of regular Prostate checks. While I understand that PSA tests are used do they still do the finger up the clacker? Should I look for a female Asian Doctor? Looking for a bit of advise and discussion on your...
  12. M

    Oxycontin and Oxycodone etc

    Hi everyone! I was looking for a medical section on this board but i couldn't fine one, so i thought i'd start this Thread here. Just seeing how many of you take Oxys etc occassionally or everyday prescribed by a doctor of course? Which ones do you fine work better, and do they do the trick?
  13. A

    Paralympic powerlifter Ali Jawad: ‘When I was born the doctor wanted to kill me

  14. Reide

    males do not want to enter this thread. Trust me.

    Is it normal to bleed (as if I'm on my period) after intense exercise? It only happens with certain movements (a great example that comes to mine is if I go on a swing set). The doctor said it's normal to happen but I thought something like that would stop after 6 months or so.
  15. S

    Gyno Surgery in Melbourne

    Has anyone here had gyno surgery performed in Melbourne? Please tell us your story including name of doctor/surgery clinic, cost of operation, process you go through, how long before your nips fully healed, is there a weird cavity under your nips now, did the gyno come back? I have old gyno...
  16. S

    Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    Who's had em, who's got em, who's given em? How'd you cure em? @Grunta; @Brick; @Johnnie Walker; @Undercover; Poll is private!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. A

    Banned Perth doctor Mughammad Saliem Ismail wrote 70,000 prescriptions for steroids,

    A PERTH doctor has been banned after an investigation found he wrote 70,000 prescriptions over nine years so his patients could access steroids, human growth hormones and stimulants without any medical reason. For some drugs, he was res*ponsible for up to 96 per cent of the state’s...
  18. A

    Two Bodybulding doctor talk about Testosterone.

    Drs. Spencer and Karl Nadolsky talk about testosterone and why most guys need to just stop worrying about it.
  19. A

    A Bluffer's Guide To Doctor Who

  20. A

    Doctor Yessis: "Strength Training + Technique"

    Doctor Yessis speaks about the true nature of strength training and specificity for Athletes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CVbWDQDVMQ