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It's not a smart activity to take part in. Unless of course there can be a huge financial gain to be had...like professional sport.

For average Joe? It's a little silly and potentially reveals holes in ones intelligence. Especially seeing that you can achieve a fucken awesome physique naturally if you have the commitment and drive.

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Hi Lads, i need an advice about trustful juice brands, which ones you'd recommend? I'm buying on austeroids.is or ozgear.is, is that alright? I've been cycling for many years, just don't know where look for good gear on these days.

Any experienced aas users out there? Need advice
Hey guys,
I’m about to start my 4th cycle and just wanted to see why you think about it, when to start pct and at which point to take the Dbol for best synergetic effects.

Cycle will be about 14-16w
Part 1
Test e - week 1 100mg mon & thurs (200)
- week 2-10 200mg mon & thurs (400)
Tren e - week 1 50mg mon/wed/fri (150)
- week 2-8 75mg mon/wed/fri (225)
Deca - week 1 100mg mon & thurs (200)
- weeks 2-10 200mg mon &thurs (400)
Dbol - week 1 10mg p/d (70)
- week 2 10mg am & pm (140)
- week 3-5 10mg 3xp/d (210)
- week 6 10mg am & pm (140)
- week 7 10mg p/d (70)
Part 2
Test p - week 10-16 200mg mon&thur (400)
Stanazolol - week 8-16
- week 8 - 10mg 2xp/d. (140)
- week 9 - 10mg 3xp/d (210)
- week 10-14 - 10mg 4xp/d (280)
- week 15 - 10mg 3xp/d (210)
- week 16 - 10mg 2xp/d (140)
Deca weeks 10-16 150mg mon & thurs (350mg)
Tren A - weeks 8-16 75mg mon, wed, thurs (225mg)

Will be taking 2.5mg letrozole e/d for 13 weeks then running hCG 250iu for a month
(I’d start with hCG but can’t get it at the moment and have bulk lettys left).

So my questions are - when is the optimal time to start the Dbol? At the beginning for a boost? At the end for a bang? Both have pros and cons.
Mainly I want to run it in conjunction with the synergy of the tren, test & deca combo at its peak.

About me-
I’m 6’2”. 98kg with a ‘covid gut’.
Goal - Looking to slightly bulk but mainly harden up and lose fat. Will be dieting harder (already eat good).
Training - Usually train an hour ea muscle group/superset 5-6 days a week. Been training since 2000 (even got my diploma of fitness in 03)
Side effects-
Not prone to gyno or much other sides (rage, low sex drive, hair loss, back acne etc. I get a bit more shoulder small pimples due to extra oil. Slightly thicker hair on stomach and upper arms.....
BUT I do occasionally i get the tren night sweats pretty hard lol. But that’s tren for ya. (SOO worth it though) Haha

What do you guys think? (Cycle & PCT)
What’s the optimal time to introduce Dbol?
A- straight away B - after 28 days (test/deca/tren synergy) or at some other time?

I love the tren/test/deca combo (even with heavy tren sides) but didn’t want to go as hardcore as last time (800mg test, 600mg tren, 600mg deca etc) but I did put on a lot of size on that but also had to run hCG and nolvadex for months after coz it killed my test production (I didn’t PCT enough for a 2gram a week cycle). ?*♂️ #dickhead

Thanks for any USEFUL info ??
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Hi Lads, i need an advice about trustful juice brands, which ones you'd recommend? I'm buying on austeroids.is or ozgear.is, is that alright? I've been cycling for many years, just don't know where look for good gear on these days.

Austeroids is the only legit site left after ausmeds and platinumanabolics went down.

ozgear.is is 100% scam. Take your money, seem legit, even answer the first email (after a few weeks of $700 order not arriving). Got nothing in the mail and no more emails.

ozroids.is did have legit gear but if you google ‘south Australian steroid bust’ you’ll see the 320,000 orals and pill press (plus black and yellow vials). If you’ve ever got orals from them you’ll recognise them (and the stickers on each box).

Hey everybody ! Just wanted to know some legit sites where you can get steroids in Australia. Does anyone know any such sites ?
Can you let me know if you find anyone? I need to buy some clen 😭 would really appreciate it, don’t want to walk up to some random dude in the gym..it’s so awkward lol
Harcoresarms has legit clen.
Prepare for the shakes though.
Have potassium handy and hydrate heavy.
Hi all. trying to read the original post but all of Sticky’s post on this thread just shows as ‘mm’. Wonder if there’s something I’m not doing right to be able to see the posts?