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  1. M

    5/3/1 Wendler

    Why no sticky?
  2. Timeah

    2015 Front Squat Competition

    As per the title, lets see what kind of numbers the folk of AUSBB can put up in the front squat. Take any rack position you like. Must pass parrallel. And as per the overhead press competition thread, must also be caught on film and posted up. We will also use the same score calculator to keep...
  3. Jungnaut

    Why You Shouldn't Grind the Weight (srs)

    I like how this bloke advocates perfect reps every time and to avoid grinding the weight (ie training close to or at failure) because it greases improper motor patterns, trains you to stop at the sticky points, and does not help to increase your strength at all. He says train 70-80% of your...
  4. Mariko78

    I wont to become lean

    My goal is to become lean and defined with cuts ( I want a six-pack, and a nice chest), I would like to get down to 8% bodyfat. As you can see, my main objective is to lose bodyfat (become lean). I have listed my workout regimen below: Monday Biceps: preacher curl, concentration curl, arm...
  5. Sticky

    Sticky in 2013

    As most you'll know, I lift for strength, but every 3 months I might take a picture. Aiming for +13kg on my frame. Main areas of focus for my strength training are Upper back Triceps Glutes/quads/hams.
  6. A

    Would like to welcome Sticky on board the mod team

    I would like to welcome Sticky onto the Ausbb mod team Sticky has been with the forum for quite some time offering some great support and assistance as well as bringing vast knowledge As the opererator of PTCBRISBANE he is well versed in the Strength training field
  7. Sticky

    Steroids - FAQ, and a thread for the n00bs.

  8. Sticky

    PTC Brisbane - What's been going on.

    PTC is a strength and conditioning gym on brisbanes northside. We mainly lift for strength, but are open to ANYBODY that has goals, and works hard to achieve them. Between our members, we have set or broken over 100 australian powerlifting records, and even a few world records, with more to...