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  1. C

    Sets and Reps for Leg Extensions

    Trying to grow quads with squats and leg extensions. Squat routine is going great but leg extensions suck. I’m currently doing 8 working sets of 9 reps at 40 Kg for leg extensions but seem to have plateaued. Should I go heavier for less sets and reps or back off weight and up reps and sets?
  2. N


    I'm a bit late but just found out about sarms, has anyone used AussieSarms before ? Are they legit ? Or preferred supplier cheers
  3. H

    anti-ageing Doctors in W.A

    Anyone know of any good anti-aging doctors in W.A.....I have a list of a few that i will post up but anyone with experience with any of these doctors please share
  4. H

    BFR Training

    Has anyone used this protocol before and if so did it work or was it a flop?
  5. Goosey

    Iconic photos

    anyone know who this is?
  6. S

    Ask Goosey

    Got a lifting question? Ask the Guru! Pls, lifting questions only.
  7. Shrek

    Botched boob job

    Salon owner ‘may not survive’ after botched boob job - Daily Telegraph https://apple.news/AExY-VRxqTA2Vu8TrUvUDsQ
  8. S

    Bench Press - is it over rated outside of PL?

  9. spartacus

    what a body: swedish long jumper

    she might not be the champ, but she sure looks great. much better than the drugged up female bb's and powerlifters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGLPTjK6CV8 10 from me.
  10. Shrek

    Dallas 5 weeks out

    5 weeks out AC
  11. Shrek

    "Little Hercules" - Now & Then

    Remember this little tacker? Then Now
  12. A

    Shaving Chest Hair: Yes or No?

    Shaving Chest Hair: Yes or No?
  13. Goosey


    WTF is it? define it? when do we need cardio? its just funny that we often say "I'm doing cardio" I mean...what for?
  14. A

    Jason Blaha Exposed: His father reveals the truth?

  15. Reide

    Are any of you closet nerds?

    What is your nerdy pleasure?
  16. Goosey


    As of today I've decided to discontinue my involvement with ausbb, as I no longer feel welcomed
  17. Big Mick

    Bee Keeping

    Does anyone here keep bees?? I have been wanting to do it for a while, and I am currently considering getting a hive of native Australian Bees once I move to my property later this year.
  18. Shrek

    Arnold on a mission to reshape Bodybuilding

    BACK TO THE FUTURE So in response to the question, what is his overview of modern-day bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger replied, “I am somewhat disappointed in the direction that bodybuilding is now going. Even for the big contests like the Arnold Classic and the Mr. Olympia, people are...
  19. Shrek

    Crazy Wheels

  20. Goosey

    Three words only