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  1. U

    Thoughts on going straight into sarms after my steroid cycle. Also a good sarms shop

    As above. Has anyone tried it before. I watched a video the other day and this guy swears by it because it apparently helps keep the gains you loose during pct. I’m just doing a short cycle of steroids. Test p Dianabol and NPP for 6 weeks. I was thinking I’ll run mk677 throughout it...
  2. M


    Hi all, I am about to start a course of Pharma grade HGH. I Have 80 IU. I have been on a recomposition steroid cycle the last 10 weeks, & now I want to do 5 more weeks with the HGH. Any one have any experience with HGH ? Whats is the minimum effective dose & what is the maximum dose ? I...
  3. A


    hi all has anyone tried SARMS? Where did you get it from? what places are reputable? What did you use and what were the results>? Thanks
  4. Shrek

    Woman poisons husband with anti-freeze laced steroids

    A woman has admitted to killing her weightlifter husband by lacing his steroid injections with antifreeze. Forty-seven-year-old Jamie Baker faces 15 years to life in prison for poisoning her 42-year-old husband James Baker, a competitive weightlifter who died in September 2013. Authorities said...
  5. M

    Anavar or Superdrol

    Anyone have any reviews or recommendations?
  6. A

    Norwegian bodybuilders use a simple trick to help themselves look massive without nee

  7. W

    I bought Nitro Tech and I bought Cell Tech, do any of these have steroids?

  8. spartacus

    major steroid investigation USA

  9. M

    Anabolic Steroids Student Research

    Hi, I'm a student from the UK and I need a few remaining participants to complete a 3 minute survey on body image and competitiveness! https://cardiffmet.eu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_9v2BoGUCI2oggq9 The aim of the study is to research if competitiveness and body image concerns are important...
  10. A

    Steroid users, any regrets? Non-users, what would sway you?

    Steroid users, any regrets? Non-users, what would sway you? remember Ausbb does have an Anonymous posting feature
  11. A

    Ifbb pro steroid truth

  12. spartacus

    Article on history of steroid use and development

  13. A

    The Gentleman’s Guide to Proper Steroid Etiquette at the Gym

    The elephant in the room is you if you’re juicing properly. If not, it doesn’t really matter, because nobody is going to notice you anyways. If you aren’t the biggest guy in the gym, you’re the smallest. If you aren’t the strongest, you’re the weakest. If you aren’t proudly marching towards the...
  14. A

    Steroid seizures on track for rise

    http://bit.ly/1FMknUp Researchers believe steroid use is on the rise. Photo: Danielle Smith Seizures of steroids and other image enhancing drugs are on track for a significant rise this year, adding weight to the idea steroid use is on the increase. It's an idea familiar to University of...
  15. L

    Your first steroid cycle - Article

    Disclaimer: this was not written by me and was written in a country in which testosterone and other drugs mentioned are legal to purchase over the counter. So you're wanting to jump on the gear, you've read the hype, you've finally hit 165lb and your genetic potential of a 250lb bench press and...
  16. A

    Internet Fitness Culture Promotes Male Body Image Disorders & Recreational Steroid Us

    Internet Fitness Culture Promotes Male Body Image Disorders & Recreational Steroid Us Internet Fitness Culture Promotes Male Body Image Disorders & Recreational Steroid Use
  17. A

    Ronnie Coleman talking about who involved him into steroid use

    8 time Mr Olympia about supplements and vitamins :)
  18. A

    A documentary about the steroid accessibility in Australia, special appearance by the

    A documentary about the steroid accessibility in Australia, special appearance by the aesthetic crew. Head First : ABC iview
  19. Neddysmith

    Doco on Steroid Holidays

  20. A

    Perth man fined for steroid importation

    A Perth man has been fined several thousand dollars for illegally importing steroids into Australia from Thailand. Benjamin Thomas Geldart, 21, appeared in Perth Magistrates Court on Monday, charged with two counts of importation of prohibited imports and two counts of knowingly making a false...