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Stiff 2G

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Thread started on behalf of [MENTION=12395]Grunta[/MENTION]
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Too scared not too.

What are you scared of?

I went to a fukkken Pre school function thing with my daughter.
There were about 9 other dads there.

I was very happy to be the largest and obviously the strongest. [emoji14]

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Yep, prolly a mixure. While I don't Spar or study Martial Arts techniques anymore I still drill the basics, so hopefully I'm still in with a chance if the shit happens. Size, like every other Lifter I could never be too big, UNTIL I met Glenn Lazarus and saw how ridiculously big (naturally) he is. That made me a bit self conscious of getting too big. Although I still love dwarfing hot little Bishes.
I also love the hormonal response lifting gives. I am addicted to the feeling weight or pressure on the Body. I love and marvel at the bio mechanics of the human body.
I'm now going a bit more cardio focused so doing more Hill Sprints hopefully - fucken love that.
It's an addiction, but a glorious addiction.
I live in an athletic culture where the majority of the males play contact sports or go to the gym. I train because I have competitive aspirations. It makes me feel better too,i found its a great way to get rid of unwanted stress.
Are you still lifting [MENTION=17161]White_Lie[/MENTION] ? Or are marriage and parental responsibilities taking precedence? Congrats on the Bambino btw.
Every session.

Thats why we have rest days,

No need for this deload stuff in bodybuilding.

Form and speed are more important than feeling buggered. Sure you have to train hard enough to get a stimulus but going balls to the wall every session over the long term doesnt achieve anything. That's a recipe for stalling. You don't tend to progress linearly as well,eventually linear progression eventuates into a plateau hence undulating and deloading. You look at good powerlifting programs like sheiko,the majority of the work is 60 to 70% of your max.
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Says the fat kunce

im way fitter than you. Im not going to bother with a back and forth as it doesn't end well for me usually but I think you are a myth. A caricature. For a guy who has spent years talking himself up to a large degree you are still too scared to show yourself. You re insecure. I see it.
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