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  1. Stiff 2G

    Tokyo Olympics 2020 ... 2021

    How's bout dem Swimmers aye Shrek
  2. stanly stud

    Training to failure

  3. Stiff 2G

    Gerry conquers NZ Rugby

    I think we need a new thread for this.
  4. Stiff 2G

    Why train, fucken?

    Discuss Thread started on behalf of Grunta
  5. Stiff 2G

    Carbohydrates, are they necessary?

    When you train first thing in the morning, carb loading the night before is a necessity imo.
  6. WoodyAllen

    204.5kg bench press, no leg drive.

  7. A

    Shaving Chest Hair: Yes or No?

    Shaving Chest Hair: Yes or No?
  8. spartacus

    Favorite athlete?

    I thought we could post who we rate as best athlete, and maybe attach some clips and articles about them. I am starting with Calvin Johnson (Megatron), NFL star wide receiver. Incredible power and athleticism. Calvin Johnson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia E:60 Extra: AJ Green and Calvin...
  9. A

    What exercise do you wimp out on?

    for me doing lunges. I find staying balanced hard
  10. M

    Squats & Stiff legs enough ?

    Just a quick question about training legs , Are Sqauts and Stiff leg Deads enough to develop quads and hamstrings ? I'm getting doms the next day so I know I'm hitting them but just wondering if I need to throw some other excersises in there too ? I was doing dumbell lunges but can't get a feel...
  11. mocha


    yo, ive made an implant thread before.. however im still thinking about it.. not as though i have the money lying aorund for it, but still deciding whether its something i want to really get.. does anyone on here have implants that they think look really natural- and got in Aus? do you have...
  12. The Crow

    The Crows 2012 Transformation

    "ZOMG, whos that fat dude?" "do I even lift?" etc. etc. So I've been going to the gym for 1.5 years prior to that zero weight training. I farked around for probably a year of that, got serious about pushing up my numbers for the past 6 - 8 months or so. Never really bothered with a diet, just...
  13. Fadi

    Fadi's review of No Bull Supplements WPI Vanilla

    Today I received my first ever WPI from Nobullsupplements. It was 1kg of WPI in the vanilla flavour. This review is based on mixing about 30gm of whey powder in about 300ml of lactose free low fat milk. 1. Looks: A very clean slightly off cream colour, definitely lighter than other WPI I’ve...
  14. Daniel.308

    Stiff Leg Deadlifts

    Hey guys Well I was just wondering if anyone has any useful tips on performing stiff leg deadlifts, as the last thing I want to do is injure my back? Any useful tips, videos etc would be helpful as there are a lot of variations for the deadlift... I am after mainly muscle size and strength if...
  15. A

    Member of the Month

    Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding Member of the Month We've decided that we need to start recognizing some of the great members that have contributed to this wonderful site that makes it what it is today. As i have said many times i just pay the bills it is you guys and girls that make the...
  16. alex

    stiff just above my butt!!

    i know im asking for it haha but i have to ask... after deadlifts and even rows lately i have been experiencing a bit of stiffness from just above my tail bone? anyone had this?? its straight after the lift so not doms...