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Welcome to Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding,[you]

Hope that you enjoy your stay here at Ausbb , Introduce yourself , look around , ask some questions or just hang back in General Chat
just_julie Welcome to Ausbb

thanks for the welcome , its good to be here :)
Hi [ausbbyou] and welcome to ausbb

Hi [ausbbyou] and welcome to ausbb , why not introduce yourself to the forum , tell us who you are, goals and a bit about yourself

Include as much detail as you like when introducing yourself to the community. If you are stuck on what information to tell people, some suggestions are below:

- Name
- Age
- Gender
- Location
- Training experience (if you have any that is)
- Any Interests

It would also be a good idea to say why you joined Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding

Do you have any goals in mind? Are you looking to start training? Are you trying to gain or lose weight? Perhaps you are already an experienced trainer and are looking to share your experience with others?

Last but not least be sure to do some reading of the articles on Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding and also some searches on the forums.

Note: Please do not post questions about training, dieting or supplements in this forum. This forum is only for introductions, if you have any specific questions please post them in the relevant forums.

Thanks and welcome to the forums
- Name - Adrian
- Age - 37
- Gender - M
- Location - Sydney
- Training experience (if you have any that is) - First started in 1991 and went for 3-4 years straight, since then it's been on / off for many reasons. Hoping to finally get some consistancy in 2010
- Any Interests - Guitar, cricket, music, my dog.
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Re: Intro

Name: Steve

Age: 49 (Ancient)

Gender: Male

Current Weight: 92 kgs (Was 94-90)

Height: 183 cms

Location: Sidnee

Training experience
(if you have any that is): Been working out for about 12 months with a gap in the middle for 4 months when I broke my thumb and tendons.
What I am currently been doing for 3 1/2 months.. Doing well..

Any Interests: Fishing, Boating, AFL, V8 Supercars, Family.

I joined Ausbb because it's one of the best that I have found where help is at hand in relation to anything about weights, bodybuilding etc.
My aim is to get fitter, buildup (if at all possible for my age) loose my stomach and LIVE longer!!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all.


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- Name - Simon
- Age - 15
- Gender - Male
- Location - Melbourne
- Training experience - None
- Any Interests - Bikeriding

I joined Ausbb because I am just getting started and thought this would be the best place.
Name: Nicolas Hart

Age: 26

: Male

: Perth, Australia

: Exercise Scientist, Strength and Conditioning Coach

: BSc (ExSpSc), MSc (StrCond), Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coach, Club Weightlifting Coach, Cert III & IV in Fitness.

Professional Experiences
: Performance assessments, and coaching in Rugby Union, Rugby League, Australian Rules Football, Soccer and Triathletes. Additionally, spinal health clinical assessments for families within the local council. Currently involved in the long-term monitoring of professional, and semi-professional athletes in numerous sporting clubs during pre-season, in-season, post-season, off-season.

Training Experiences
: 3 years training experience. Primarily resistance training, strength and power training. Gained 30kgs of mass over 3 years (from 50kg, to 80kg; maintaining 11% bodyfat mass only).

Any Interests
: Rugby Union is my favourite sport, and a big interest. Additional interests include tennis, swimming, the gym, fitness; and good quality TV shows such as Scrubs, Seinfeld, South Park, and so on.
welcome to the forums giffo(steve),tudorsi(simon) and Nicolas , good to have you all on board
Name: Joey

Age: 22

Gender: M

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Occupation: Bunnings? lol.

Past Professions: Security Guard

Training Experiences: Been training since 17, Prefer Freeweights

Interests: Fitness, Health, Computer Gaming

Current Weight: 80kg

Height: 180cm

Goals: I recently bulked up from 75 to 83kg, trying to cut up now.

Progress: Been doing 2x50 pushups a night followed by 50 crunches + 100 leg raises, progress is going well, upper part of abs starting to show now(this is along with a mon/tues/thurs/fri weights regime)
- Name: Rasika
- Nickname: Ras Kass
- Age: 24
- Gender: Male
- Location: Perth, Australia
- Occupation: IT Nerd
- Training experience: Started in October 2008, still going.

- Progress:
October 2008 -> Fat slob, roughly 26% bodyfat, little to no muscle tone, squat: 55kg 3 sets of 5 reps. Bench: 3 reps of 60kg.

December 2009 -> Roughly 12% bodyfat, reasonably alright muscle tone. Squat: 120kg 1RM, 2 x 8 at 100kg, Bench: 82.5kg 3 x 8

pretty f***in' stoked at the journey so far.

-Any Interests: weight training, AFL, designing lasers, making a 'UFO' at the moment, bodyboarding, building computers.

- Acknowledgements:

Big thanks to PTC and Fadi as i've gathered and used lots of info from both of them
Name: Tudor

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Location: Melbourne

Occupation: Radiography student

Training Experiences: Used to muck around with weights when I was 17, never really trained before starting Starting Strength.

Interests: Motorcycles, Mountainbiking, Fitness, Computer Games, Good TV, Guitar, Bass, and the Bombers.

Current Weight: 93kg @ 26% BF

Height: 176cm

Goals: Finish starting strength then get some more cardio done while maintaining strength. I would like a body weight bench press, and a 1.5x body weight squat. Would also like to do a body weight shoulder press eventually. Would also like to get my power clean form down and start doing them properly.

Progress: Started at 88kg and 27%BF on 23/11/09 (All of this is three sets of five, except deadlift which is 1x5)

Squat: 45
Deadlift: 55
Bench: 45
Press: 30
Power Clean: ??

As of today: 93kg at 26% BF.

Squat: 97.5
Deadlift: 135
Bench: 80
Press: 50
Power Clean: 52.5

Joined this community because it's nice to have an australian weightlifting community to learn from. Also need to ask a few questions, off to go make a thread.
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Name: Aaron

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Location: North of Shepparton, Victoria

Occupation: Office worker for Coates Hire

Training Experiences: 6 weeks of Stronglifts 5x5

Interests: Family (have a beautiful 2.5 year old daughter), motorbikes, guitar

Current Weight: 85.9kg - up from 81.9kg 6 weeks ago. Drinking 3L of milk per day on top of my regular intake.

Height: 180cm

Goals: Stick to Stronglifts until I can squat 1.5xBW, and deadlift 2xBW, then perhaps onto Madcow. Eat minimum 3500cal per day of good whole food.


Started on this:

Squat: 20.3kg 5x5
Deadlift: 39.3kg 5x5
Bench: 20.3kg 5x5
Press: 20.3kg 5x5
Inverted Rows: 3x8
Prone Bridges: 3x30sec
Reverse Crunches: 3x12, 20kg counterweight

As of yesterday:

Squat: 62.8kg 5x5
Deadlift: 79.3kg 5x5
Bench: 40.3kg 5x5
Press: 32.8kg 5x5 (stalled yesterday on 35.3kg, 5,5,5,3,4)
Barbell Rows: 40.3kg 5x5 (switched from inverted rows 3 weeks in)
Prone Bridges: 3x34sec (started adding 2sec per session 2 sessions ago)
Reverse Crunches: 3x12, 4kg counterweight (dropping 2kg per session)

I participate pretty regularly on the Stronglifts forum, and just can't get enough! lol

hey Aaron , welcome to Ausbb , there is a few other shepp peeps floating around here , i'm from shepp too south end
- Name : Nathan
- Age : 15 almost 16
- Gender : Male
- Location : Melbourne
- Training experience : 6 months of weight training 4 years of karate training (7-11 then quit) and 2 years of Kick Boxing (12-14)
- Any Interests : Cricket,Surfing,Fitness and Martial arts :)

Name: Nicole

Age: 39 (eep)

Gender: F

Location: Vic, Mornington Peninsula

Training experience: Was state and national-level cyclist on track and criteriums -- spent a lot of time in the gym for strength and power work. Fortunate in that I'm built to move quickly for short distances and lift heavy things for brief periods, however, lost habits after interstate moves and now have a chronic injury I'm working around. Love lifting though and am probably addicted to endorphins from wherever they come as long as they're healthy :).

Any Interests: Cycling, lifting, reading, writing (have freelance resume writing business), my car.

Why you joined Ausbb: To feel part of a 'community' again. Also will be on the hunt for a trainer to help with managing the injury while developing new programs.

Do you have any goals in mind? The usual: less fat, more muscle.
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