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BigRed Kunce
Unfortunately for me i had to go and break my ass. Fortunately for me it was on the bottom of a lift shaft and not the cock.

Had the accident on the 19th of Feb, basically i stepped into the open well of an elevated loading dock, a lateral beam with a 4" raised lip along it broke my fall, and my ass.

Nothing broken though and no spinal/head injuries so after a few minutes to calm down i was able to keep going.

Other injuries are: a severely bruised and cut lower abdomen, a badly bruised right wrist and forearm and a badly bruised right leg just above the knee and extending half way down the shin. My lower back and right ass cheek were extremely badly bruised, to the extent a dominatrix would be green with envy at the damage done.

That was nearly two weeks ago.

Most of the bruising has gone, my right forearm is still tender, my leg feels fine, stomach was hurting some days but the cut has healed up nicely and scabbed good. Backside is of a different shape now due to the impact on the raised lip/angle of the steel i landed on.

Since then i have been unable to run due to my back side experiencing some bad nerve pain which has been getting better every day. Any attempt at running invoked very sharp and stabbing pain, it has gotten better to the point where i think i can jog short distances with only slight pain. before if i attempted to run, i'd get 4 paces before nearly collapsing due to the pain.

So definitely making progress.
What shape is your arse now Heads?
More importantly though, are you still able to post in the hot or not thread?
Went for a 2.1 KM walk this morning and concluded it with a 200 meter light jog.

Nearly back to normal except for a muted stinging sensation on every foot fall when jogging, like the flesh is jarring against a nerve. Still, way way better than just after i injured it and should be fine for a good workout tonight.
I reckon you should probably have a bit more healing time before you hit the weights - but if you have to, maybe just stick with bench presses, where you're lying down, and not putting any stress on anything below your chest.
Didn't do a training session last night but instead went for a walk with a lot more jogging. Feels better day by day.