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  1. M

    Just did some rough tape measurements, what should I work on?

    Bit of background info, been lifting around 8 months, 17 yrs old, 177cm and around 165lbs, judging off eye test I estimate myself in the 13-16%bf range so not much fat but abs aren't visible without great lighting. All measurements are cold and flexed. What do you reckon I should focus on...
  2. spartacus

    Basketball showdown, funny as

  3. A

    A Letter To Weightlifters, New & Old

    If you’re reading this then you have likely found weightlifting at some point in your life. If you have been lifting for over 1 year then you will recognize everything that we cover throughout this letter to new lifters. No matter how quickly you progress to good or even great, you will deal...
  4. steveP

    Fuck your body positivity voice, and fuck your millennial heroes

    Saw this blog the other day and thought it was entertaining. ... http://www.lift-run-bang.com/2016/03/fuck-your-body-positivity-voice-and.html I'm going to preface this article with this warning early. This may easily be my most offensive article to date. I do have a...
  5. A

    December 2015 Ausbb Strength Extravaganza

    All scoring will in Wilkes coefficients Rules and Awards We support 4 lifts : Squat: hips below knees, no wraps (neoprene sleeves OK). Stand for a couple seconds before reracking it. Bench: hips and shoulders in contact with the bench, heal does not have to be on the floor. Wrist wraps...
  6. B

    strength and fitness for someone who isn't a narcissist or sissy little bitch

    Alright c*nts I just want to be fit, but that's got me thinking what's fit right? I'm no weak gutted pencil necked Nancy boy, if I was jammed in the remand centre tomorrow I'm not gonna be the one in the holding cell trying to hang himself with a sock noose cause he was an easy target. Having...
  7. Shrek

    Full body.

    These are good. I'm going back to full body. Very busy at work. I wanna sleep more. Train 3 days only, but hard. http://ditillo2.blogspot.com.au/2009/01/full-body-workouts-cs-sloan.html?m=1 Full-Body Workouts by C.S. Sloan In the era of go-for-the-pump bodybuilding we’ve forgotten one of...
  8. S

    Study finds Beards as dirty as toilets

    "THE hipster beard revolution may still be a thing—but a shocking new study has warned facial hair could be dirtier than a toilet bowl. According to a group of microbiologists in New Mexico, the rancid bacteria that beards collect could be putting owners’ health at risk."...
  9. canned tuna

    Olympic shoes for squatting, disadvantages as well as pros

    Advantages of raised-heel squatting are very well discussed Not a lot is said about long term usage and disadvantages, or the ideal usage circumstances Please share your findings Aside from obvious benefits, through med-long term use I am finding -Knees take more of a beating; often am...
  10. A

    Interview with Ed Coan

  11. A

    Official 2015 Ausbb Transformation Contest

    READ EVERYTHING IN THIS POST! Join in the Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding forum 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge. It is open to all transformations: Fat to Thin, Scrawn to Brawn, Brawn to Super Brawn, or Low-ass to Bubble Butt. Before you begin your Transformation, we're going to need...
  12. spartacus

    Why i have a lack of arch in lower back

    I got my xrays for back, and it helps explain why I can never get an arch at start of clean or deadlift. I remember years ago m weightlifting coach saying I needed to get more of an arch, but things have obviously got worse. Chiro report: Lumbar spine is very flat. The shape of your pelvis...
  13. M

    INJURY List

    Hi all, Thought I would list the injuries I have ahd since i started training.. These are since I started a little over 2 years ago (could be why i never did anything physical before) :) 3 Months after I started thought i would try lunges Pulled a muscle, legs out of action for a bit. 6...
  14. 0ni

    Ribcage expansion

    Lets get a ribcage expansion thread going. I am very interested in this. I know Silverback; will have some good thoughts on this. I purchased Dr. Kelso's shrug book to get all the information that I need. I decided upon the 20 rep pullovers and chest flies. Now, he recommends using 10kg for...
  15. M

    SLDL technique

    I'd like to give stiff-leg deads a go. Where would I find solid info on form for that lift? Being trained is just not an option where I am: internet tutorials and shit like that is what I've got to go on. So they've gotta be good! :)
  16. jzpowahz

    10,000 KB swings in 10 days challenge

    Anyone else keen? I'm just into self experimentation so going to start this next Monday the 20th August. Would be good to have a couple of people for support as I can see this being pretty tough! Guys 24kg Girls 16kg T NATION | Ten Thousand Swings to Fat Loss I will not be doing any...
  17. P

    Driving with the hips.

    A common mantra when it comes to exercises such as the snatch, clean (and respective pulls & shrugs) as well as deadlifting (in my gym and hopefully yours too) is to drive with the hips. The idea is to drive the hips through the bar when lifting said weight. At my gym I sometimes hear people...
  18. J

    High bar squats?

    Hi, I know for low bar squats you should initiate the movement with the hips, as if sitting on the toilet. But what about high bar squats? Do I still initiate the movement with the hips? Thanks
  19. D

    Toning my hips?

    The parts of me that need the most work are my hips and the sides of stomach. What are the best exercises for your hips?
  20. D

    Bodybuilding Exercise:Legs, Hips and Glutes

    Legs, Hips and Glutes Strong, powerful legs give your body good symmetry, balancing the development of the upper body, and bring good performance in other sports. Building a foundation of strength in the lower body is important in all sports that require running, jumping, lifting, kicking and...