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New member
I’ve had my bloods done and my test levels are 9.8 and I’m only 31. The “normal range” is 9.7-34 but my doctor doesn’t seem to have an issue which mine being at the bottom range of the scale. So I’m wondering if anyone knows a good doctor that I can go and see that will help fix this issue I have.

Thank you
The Dr wouldn’t be doing his job if he prescribed TRT. Your levels are in range.
One year prior to this recent blood test they were 14.5. Dropping that much in one year and my age doesn’t really makes sense
I just got a new blood test on Monday and my T levels have dropped again to 8.1. Zero fucks given by my doctor, she kept saying it’s in normal level
Of course it works.
It takes months because T levels need to increase slowly to avoid side effects amd that’s how the cream works.
You’re just after bodybuilding doses for muscle gain.