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What do people do to keep themselves motivated? I find myself lacking sometimes , just wondering what keeps you girls going , my boyfriend is all about using music to get pumped. Any other ideas I can use?
im a firm believer in goals. set yourself a goal, and strive for it !!!
find a picture of a physique you aspire to be like, print it out, and constantly look back over it, and make sure everything you are doing (nutrition, training, rest etc) will only help you progress forward to that physique, not backwards.

Positive thoughts too , no negative , you can do it
just remember to set yourself both short term and long term goals , something to aim for overall , also it's good to keep things in line don't go for any far fetched goals
positive reinforcement, reward yourself for meeting that short term goal ie: a new cd, shirt, icecream

also remember to keep your workout fun , don't see it as something daunting you have to get through
It's not an Anthony Robbin's technique, but an idea...

In addition to Janine's post on recording your desired goals, it is also worth recording what you don't want to achieve... :eek:
Placing both 'possible' results side-by-side, can give you that extra motivation when your feeling in dire straits ;) - for ex. what you DON'T want to look like, why training so hard is worth it etc.
By all means, this technique won't work for everyone :confused: - but it's worth a try when your searching for those much needed 'blinkers'.

To copy again from Janine's post...
"Positive thoughts too, no negative, you can do it!"

the scales and the mirro keep me going , and i must say that i do enjoy the looks i get too , always give an ego boost
the way that clothes fit me , the looks that i get as i walk by
but mostly the way that it makes me, the glowing effect it brings ,