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New member
So I see generally mixed threads on reandron with the overall impression being that it is not effective because the promoted injection interval doesn't actually match the half life, so levels drop significantly by the time of the next injection.

I recently saw an endocrinologist (my levels were super low and I qualify for PBS). He said he will only prescribe testogel or reandron. Neither option seems ideal. Reandron sounds like it could be ideal if it would be adjusted to shorter time interval between injections. The endocrinologist didn't seem very flexible on this though.

When I read a description of the PBS guidelines on the andrologyaustralia website (wouldn't let me post link), it sounds like after the initial visit to the endocrinologist, I can then have my regular GP do all future scripts and possibly adjust the time interval. This isn't directly from PBS so I am a little worried. My preference would be that my regular GP is the one who takes care of this from now on.

Anyways, just wondering anyone has been on reandron for a while and have it dialed in with good response. Or, if the preferred method of TRT is something else and I should try to see a different specialist. (Causing further delay in getting treatment)
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Take what the Endo prescribes, that’s why he’s the Endo and you’re not.
Beggars can’t be choosey.
Late response, but thought I'd chime in. Been on it for years. Best thing I ever did. Do what the endo tells you.