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keep dreaming of quads with those skinny bicepts [MENTION=15938]Fister Roboto[/MENTION] ; not happening kunce
keep dreaming of quads with those skinny bicepts @Fister Roboto ; not happening kunce

Have changed tack a little on this. Decided that I didn't want to look like a scrawny kunce so am eating just over maintenance and focusing on my poor neglected quads.

Have added some size already, muscle memory seems to be more than just a myth!

How are you fellas doing? @Headley;
@Jungnaut ;

I'm right on target for not changing much at all LOL

Rehabbing back injury over the last few weeks also. I'm down from 88.7kg to 86.5kg. Have a few more quad striations but still a hefty gut. Weird fat distribution.