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  1. A

    Most Underrated Exercises Thread

    What are some underrated exercises that not many do anymore to grow certain body parts better based on your experiences?
  2. spartacus

    what a body: swedish long jumper

    she might not be the champ, but she sure looks great. much better than the drugged up female bb's and powerlifters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGLPTjK6CV8 10 from me.
  3. A

    AUSBB- Australian Bodybuilding Forum Challenge Board!

    AUSBB- Australian Bodybuilding Forum Challenge Board! Here you can post videos of your impressive feats of strength. The name of the game is to perform as many strict reps as you can with a given weight. Film the whole set, and get a close up of the plates used so we can verify the weight...
  4. A

    Arnold Schwarzeneggers legs vs Phil Heaths legs

  5. A

    Wimps are 'stronger than bodybuilders', study finds

    Wimps are 'stronger than bodybuilders', study findsA gram of bodybuilders' muscle is less powerful than the same amount of tissue from someone who did not weight train, tests show Bodybuilders are only strong because they have so much muscle mass, research suggests. Photo: Getty Images...
  6. A

    Weekly Discussion Thread #13

    This weeks topic: Legs · Thighs/Calves. How big are yours? · How do you train legs? · What do you think most people do wrong? · What could you do better? · Any other questions/comments regarding the topic.
  7. Repacked

    Leg day? Why bother...

  8. A

    Official 2015 Ausbb Transformation Contest

    READ EVERYTHING IN THIS POST! Join in the Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding forum 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge. It is open to all transformations: Fat to Thin, Scrawn to Brawn, Brawn to Super Brawn, or Low-ass to Bubble Butt. Before you begin your Transformation, we're going to need...
  9. O

    Squats are getting me down

    I've been doing squats for about 6 months now. I always steered clear of them as I thought my form was all wrong, until my PT encouraged me to do them and said my form was perfect which gave me lots of encouragement to give them a go, I started with 5kg each side plus the bar. 6 months later I...
  10. Goosey

    The leg extension

    Some say it's a knee wrecker. Some say don't fully contract the knee because it will fuck your knees up. i jumped onto my leg extension yesterday, to do my 12 rep's and noted that someone was using the whole stack. (id done a set on the leg press jumped on the hammer for twenty reps, then the...
  11. Shrek

    Squats. What stance for maximum quad development?

    Poll What stance is best for quad development?
  12. K


    Hi all, Who here have or is a surfer and have had significant results in terms of beer gut drop? Or significant weight loss? I think this would be an awesome hobby to take up. Comments pls. Devante.
  13. O

    Inner thighs

    Ok girls, any tips on toning the inner thigh area? I have really upped the weights I use over the past 3 months and have been challenging myself a lot more than I was last year. I'm really starting to notice in these past few weeks how toned my legs are getting - in particular my quads and...
  14. A

    How do you do your BB rows?

    Like this? Pendlay Rows 250 X 5 - YouTube this? Yates Rows 225x15 - YouTube Any other preferred methods?
  15. alex

    Chicken maniac!!

    Against my best judgement and will power i just smashed 10 pieces of original recipe KFC chicken!!! Although feeling a little bit chubby now (and not in the good way) ((penis joke)) i has def filled in my lunch time meal. Does anyone else here ever just go crazy and hit up KFC!!! im sort of...
  16. DKD

    The Deadlift is Not a "Dead Lift"

    The Deadlift is Not a “Dead Lift” By Mark Philippi This article is a newer edition of an article that I wrote quite a few years ago. I have found that for a time many coaches shunned using the deadlift because it was for “powerlifters” and was too slow of a movement for athletics. I even...
  17. C


    my first questiong ,with many more to come , with my start in working out i thought i might get a log of my measurements where abouts do you measure your thighs, calves, and waist for accurate measurments? I know where to measurefor hips and bust, but was a little unsure about thighs...