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Great, your a good man i can tell. All great men are into hardcore porn, its a scene that makes a man become a real man. I know exactly what you mean by the wrong angles etc, so often i'm watching a vid and i just know it would look better from another angle cause the angle their currently using just doesn't do it you know what i mean. They need angles that "DO IT" for the viewer, thats what its all about, its about satisfying the viewer as much as possible.

I didn't know it was illegal to make here, and yeah like you say there would be ways around it. Its a massive business that would easily register on the stock exchange just the same as the coke and heroin business would, these guys are the silent thunders of the game. Everyone knows these guys exist and they are making billions every year, but due to legalites(religion in many countries) they don't get talked about in the general public.

this is peter north's mansion in newport beach CA


if that's not success then i don't known what is.
I got checked for aids a while back, wonder if i caught it since though?? dirty ass bitches and the things i have done with them awwweee, thats life though isn't it. Reckon you can get aids from eating a womans pussy and ass out? how about if she's got aids and all she does is suck your dick, it could spread couldn't it.

Did you take meds for the chronic fatigue? were you working at the time? did you see someone about it? I contacted and specialist about CF a while back and was going to see them, costs a fortune!

yes u can catch AIDS by all those methods.
I would like to know how much time your leg muscle took to get healed. There is an athlete in my gym who has developed knots in his muscle, which are quite painful during the training and his exercise is stuck at certain point.