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New member
I see lots of peoples diets with 4 eggs for brekfast. I'm just wondering how you guys prepare these? I guess a lot of you have them with protein shakes or something? so lets hear it.
Sometimes scrambled, sometimes in a shake, depends how much time I have. I use more than 4 though. 6-8.
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Just curios to why you stopped eating them?

Also, OP you spelled breakfast** wrong
LMD also used incorrect grammar.

LMD, being a Grammar Nazzi isn't in your best interest.
thats funny :D

Dave, Dave, Dave, I'm shaking my head in dismay and disbelief.

There is absolutely NOTHING FUNNY about omitting a capital T, an apostrophe and a period at the end of a sentence.

I'd like you to stop and think about where you've gone wrong and what you can do to prevent these kind of debacles from recurring. Please take some time to ponder that.


You can do it Dave, I believe in you.


I have 6-7 eggs raw every morning. Just crack them into my protein shaker, add a scoop of whey, bit of water and drink it down.
Cholesterol in food is not a problem if you are eating a proper diet anyway... It doesnt really have a dramatic effect.

The reason people think it is as it can be absorbed through the bowel. This is where our body excretes waste anyway. Im sure you see those adds about cholesterol 'reabsorbtion'.

LDL is increased by saturated fat of any type. 85 odd % of "cholesterol" is made in the liver because its so ****ing important..

Cholesterol isnt a problem, its the oxidation of cholesterol that is responsible for arteriosclerosis. This ahs been proved numerous times look at eskimos, the french. But the medical establishment fails to realise the picture.

Another study proved this recently in rats as well.

You need cholesterol without it you have some major problems.