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  1. kaz

    My Fitness Pal

    MFP has decided to install pop up ads. I wasn't too sure if anyone else was getting them so i decided to email them thinking it was a bug. Their reply was simply "We've done it to keep the app free". Everytime i log a new item I get a pop up to a slots game and unknowlingly keep hitting the...
  2. Headley

    Everything 4x4 & Camping

    Anyone go offroad? Anyone go camping? Anyone love seeing whats out there? I am getting into it slowly with me Triton, need to build it up first
  3. A

    Cop's car seized under hoon driving laws

    Cop's car seized under hoon driving laws - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  4. P

    Eggs for Breakfast

    I see lots of peoples diets with 4 eggs for brekfast. I'm just wondering how you guys prepare these? I guess a lot of you have them with protein shakes or something? so lets hear it.
  5. P

    Driving with the hips.

    A common mantra when it comes to exercises such as the snatch, clean (and respective pulls & shrugs) as well as deadlifting (in my gym and hopefully yours too) is to drive with the hips. The idea is to drive the hips through the bar when lifting said weight. At my gym I sometimes hear people...