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When ever I ride on the road or track day I wear ear plugs. 200kph + is very loud , especially thru turn 1 at e.c when your not tucked in . You can get custom moulded plugs. On the dirt I don't bother.
Tinitus is bitch. And ear plugs are worth the $$.
i pretty much only ride mountain bike so no it doesnt bother me, but i can imagine at speed on road bike it certainly would.
i only asked as i was out on the bike this morning and the noise was pissing me off
I have a problem with buffeting if one window is open. Other than that no it doesn't really bother me
wear headphones or earplugs.

the wind can cause major damage to the ears.
i prefer to try and hear what the traffic is doing behind me
Ear plugs won't make everything silent unless you get something like. -30+ dB. Could try something like -20 and see how it goes. I can't stand wind noise plus its just as bad for your ears as listening to loud headphones. I use ear plugs which are around -32 dB but I think they block abit to much of the sound out.
I've got some damn sensitive ears, I can pick up too many things.
Basically can barely sleep without a normal set of ear plugs.
Went to a sleep doctor and used some health insurance to pay for a pair so I could sleep properly.
Best investment ever, literally cannot hear a thing, probably bad for home invaders and fire, but at least I sleep fine.
I know it's a little different to riding, but good ear plugs definitely work!
i prefer to try and hear what the traffic is doing behind me

ear buds, will stop the wind entering your ear cannal, and provice some sound, it doesn't mean you cannot hear whats happening ouside...

talk about noobie
not fast, was just a test.
pretty sure they relied on you. news to me. im bet you have access, buy beimh lazy/ you were admin before so why not now?