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Got a lifting question? Ask the Guru!

Pls, lifting questions only.
I was going to title this thread "ask Goosey or his gay friend Darkoz" but thought better of it. Darkoz spoiled my "better" judgement!

Back on topic "ask Goosey or his gay boyfriend Darkoz"!!!! :D
When ohp'ing, elbows in or out?

That is not a yes or no

but more often than not elbows "should" be in the same position as benching, dipping and chinning, which is usually on or around 600~700mm hand spacing, with the bar sitting in the meaty part of the hand with no lateral movement of the wrist.

But this is all dictated by the width of the shoulder and structure of the collar bone and such.

tricky things shoulders are.
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After squeezing out 4 reps on your last set, drop some weight and squeeze out 4 more or leave it at 4?
Pronation when curling dumbells. Yes or No?
Supinate definitely because that is the main bicep function. If you don't you are just training brachialis.

Pronate, not so much.

Never curl heavy with a straight bar. Your wrists cannot follow the bar throughout the movement and you will break something.

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Goosey, who is cheap for equipment in Melbourne? Gym & Fitness were not far up the road and very well priced but they closed up a while back.