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Hello all,

I'm looking at setting up a home gym and trying to decide what the best Power cage to get.

Really looking at it for your basics - Squats, Bench work, Chin ups. Room shouldn't be a issue as I'm looking at undercover out doors.

Trying to tossing up between the Barbarian Commercial Power Cage from Sam's fitness

and Muscle Motion from Gyms Direct.

I do like the Iron edge Vector single sell Rig, but for the extra cost I am uncertain it worth it?

Anyone used any of these? and your thoughts on it? thanks!

Have a browse, there have been a couple of threads recently about the cages you have listed above.
I have a Barbarian cage and a powertec

The powertec is a great piece of gear for the price of it but honestly the barbarian is built better, it's stronger the J hooks on them are awesome.

The only thing i like on the powertec more than the barb is The pull down tower and the safety bars as the ones on the barbarian only have small pins to go through the frame to lock in makes it a bit harder to level out.
In my opinion, a cage is a cage. As long as it can catch a dumped squat, it's good. Nice small increments for the J-hooks are handy too, as well as a pullups bar.
I'd be inclined to not go overboard on the cage if you're trying to set up a home gym and maybe free up finances for better bench, bars and dumbells etc...
Nice small increments for the J-hooks are handy too

Someone mentioned this in a recent review of a couple of cages, one had smaller increments than the other. [MENTION=18369]Cuefitness[/MENTION]; have a look at the cage reviews.
The barbarian rack has small increments for you to go up with, if you need a pic let me know and i'll get one for ya
Gday Cuefitness

I feel your pain... I have been trying to decide on a rack too and "narrowed it down" to the Barbarian, Muscle Motion, Force or the Powertec.

I was in Sydney so I stopped into both "Sam's" and "Gym and Fitness" to compare the Force commercial rack to the Barbarian and Powertec options. I can say without a doubt that the Barbarian racks are WAY better than anything Gym and Fitness have. So much more solid, no movement with chins or dips, 3mm steel and a good looking bit of kit. The powertec has 2.5mm steel and was also as solid as a rock. However, I prefer the multi grip chin up bar so sadly I had to rule it out.

I was talking to the guy at Sam's and he was telling me about a rack that was coming out soon that's made by the same crowd that make the Barbarian Line, that will have roughly the same specs as the Powertec but with the same chin up bar as the barbarian, and much cheaper. I had a look on the site today and they now have the details up of this new rack.


I obviously haven't seen this in person but from what Ive seen of the Powertec rack, its definitely worth considering.

As for the Muscle Motion, I have heard nothing but good things about it and the fact that I haven't seen it is the only reason I didn't order the Barbarian on the spot.

I have a background in engineering and have done a lot of research on the specs of power racks available in Australia, so if you need any help comparing whats out there feel free to ask. As pointed out above, this subject has been covered in other posts but that shouldn't stop you looking for extra info.

Let us know what you decide on - or better yet - throw up a review!

Peace :cool:
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