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"Since election day, Donald Trump and other Republicans have filed a smattering of lawsuits in battleground states that have provided cover for Trump and other Republicans to say that the election still remains unresolved.
Legal experts have noted these suits are meritless, and even if they were successful, would not be enough to overturn the election results. Indeed, judges in several of these lawsuits have already dismissed them, noting the Trump campaign has failed to offer evidence to substantiate allegations of fraud.

Here’s where some of the key lawsuits stand ... "


Trump lawyers suffer embarrassing rebukes from judges over voter fraud claims


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Cool your jets Maverick!
Arizona remains 13k votes short and disputes in several other states.
Tide will change in mid December followed by what to you will feel like a massive bitchslap in Jan.
I keep saying, wait and watch.
These fuckwitt Trump Boyz, in their haste to whip people up into a frenzy and get people jumping at shadows, went to book a press conference at Four Seasons Hotel, but booked it at the Four Seasons Landscaping business. The Liar in Chief tweeted:
"“Lawyers Press Conference at Four Seasons, Philadelphia. 11.00am,”

He deleted that and retweeted:
"Big press conference today in Philadelphia at Four Seasons Total Landscaping – 11.30am!”

There's Rudy Giuliani in the Carpark, inbetween a Sex shop and a Crematorium :D


Not only are they sociopaths but they're also incompetent!
The average hick wants more than democracy for some sambos, the average hick wants a steady job and don’t give a fuk about sambos.
They’ve had the taste of the good life and fuk if they are giving it all up just so the cops have to yell stop before they drill a sambo.
Dems just do not cut the expectation there, I’m telling ya, I work for them and spend a lot time there, yanks want their dreams, not MLKs dream.
If Trump can become President, da Grunta can certainly become Prime Minister, right [MENTION=895]Shrek[/MENTION]
MGGA (make da Grunta great again)!

Cmon, you've had a few lean years haven't you? The Missus got the ball n chain on, Dan Andrews keeping you locked up. I reckon Lord Mayor Grunta has ring to it. Have you seen the Mayoral Robes? All gold n Black. Da Grunta look pretty schmick in those!
Politics is da Grunta calling.
Cmon, you've had a few lean years haven't you? The Missus got the ball n chain on, Dan Andrews keeping you locked up. I reckon Lord Mayor Grunta has ring to it. Have you seen the Mayoral Robes? All gold n Black. Da Grunta look pretty schmick in those!
Politics is da Grunta calling.

yeah, actually did have at least 2 uneventful years, grinds a man down.
was rolling a couple Decent ones last year but not for long.
dem robes.......they come with my name embroidered on the back?
like Rockys?
"Senior US election officials have struck a blow against Donald Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud, revealing “no evidence” of compromised votes had been found.

Members of the Election Infrastructure Government co-ordinating Council (GCC) and the Election Infrastructure Sector co-ordinating Executive Committees have issued a joint statement refuting Mr Trump’s claims and even labelling this election the “most secure in American history.
The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history. Right now, across the country, election officials are reviewing and double checking the entire election process prior to finalising the result,” the statement read ... "


@darkoz is ghey
OK, we're starting to get an idea why Trump keeps claiming he won, when clearly Biden did. These Trump wankers can't count.
Trump's Press Secretary, that lying piece shit Kayleigh McEnany and Trump himself, claim one million Trump supporters attended this rally. Reports are only 10,000 attended, mostly brain dead far right voilent supporters. @darkoz is bum bandit

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"Although Donald Trump has yet to concede his election defeat, his administration's attempt at invalidating Joe Biden’s victory has gone from bad to worse.

To date the President’s legal team has not won a single case which has baselessly alleged that voter fraud and the presence of illegal votes led to Mr Biden’s win.

Out of the near-20 lawsuits filed by his team, the majority have since been withdrawn or denounced by judges."

"Adding further insult to injury, the high-profile law firms representing Mr Trump in the all-important states of Arizona and Pennsylvania have also withdrawn their case from the courts ...

“Let me just clarify,” said Judge Kiley. “Your solicitation of witnesses yielded some sworn affidavits that you yourself clearly determined are false and spam, as you phrased it,” he asked the Trump lawyer in court

"A Michigan lawyer for Donald Trump’s campaign filed a case in the wrong court. Lawsuits in Arizona and Nevada were dropped. A Georgia challenge was quickly rejected for lack of evidence. His Pennsylvania legal team just threw in the towel.

The president’s legal machine — the one papering swing states with lawsuits and affidavits in support of Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of widespread fraud — is slowly grinding to a halt after suffering a slew of legal defeats and setbacks."


If Trump has known about the widespread Election frauds for 60 years like he claims, why hasn't he done anything about it over the past 4 years?

Secondly, the Republicans won the Senate, at the same Election using the same ballot. Why isn't he targeting that or other States he won?

Kunt is a kunt.
I actually watched the whole presses conference you posted like a fake news sheep.
The votes were counted by a foreign country, using a foreign system that had options to change the count.
how the fuk does that happen
maybe we could ask China to count our electoral ballots an tell us who won