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Fucked up Kunce
US election: Trump set for Republican nomination as Cruz pulls out

Donald Trump has become the US Republican presidential nominee in all but name after victory in Indiana forced rival Ted Cruz from the race.
Mr Trump, unpopular with many in his own party, now has a clear path to the 1,237 delegates needed to claim his party's crown.
That would mark a stunning victory for a businessman few took seriously when he launched his campaign last year.
Bernie Sanders has defeated Hillary Clinton in Indiana's Democratic race.
He trails Mrs Clinton in the all-important delegate count but after this victory he said the contest was still alive

This man will be President.

I know right, I initially thought he was joke but I've taken a shine to him recently, he speaks his mind and I like that, maybe because I'm fucken sick of the politically correct crowd, sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade
Fook me Darkslutz. You're old enough to remember Trump during the 80s. Such a sleazy untrustworthy Businessman. A person who says Businessman bribing Politicians is good Business.

Take a look at this Documentary on some of Trump's corrupt business practises and just the general sleazy way he conducts himself:

"People don't change" - that's a quote from Trump himself. Trump is a sleazebag and a buffoon when it comes to understanding the details of policy matters.
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Wholenits great seeing trump speak his mind and an tell people what they want without sugar coating, he will need some really strong people around him to keep him in check me thinks

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Fuk, with Kimmy from Korea and nice guy Vlad from the sunny Soviet Union, all the world needs now is the trumpet running the united gangfuk. What could go wrong :$
Relax guys things were worse, remember good old George W Bush, probably the most corrupt, incompetent president the US ever had who made Trump look like a choir boy.
W gave us comedy. All Trump is going to give the U.S. and World is corruption and Kaos. The U.S. and the World will not be a better place for Trump having been President.
Sanders... as far as yanks go; seems to be quite good imo. He also likes to call a spade a spade but doesn't have the history of flip flopping as and when it suits like Trump. Not to mention if you had to pick a 'side' it would have to be the democrats.

The US will truly be phucked if that clown gets in. Surely the semi-intelligent ones over there see what a joke the rest of the world thinks he is?

... Oh that's right. They live in a bubble and the US is the world.