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I bump into high rollers and Politicians on my daily travels. Past couple of weeks I've gotten a "how ya going mate" from the Brick with Eyes (Glenn Lazuras) and got a friendly "V" for victory sign from Big Bad Bob Katter last week when I bumped into him, all friendly.

Same place I bump into these distinguished Gentleman I also used to bump into Kevin Rudd. He used to look HUGE in a suit, like Glenn Lazarus. Then he lost all that weight due to Heart surgery just before becoming PM and now looks like an absolute nerd.
Rudd's chickens coming home to roost. By all accounts he is a fairly dysfunctional person. I know the gripe is that he wasn't nominated and has nothing to do with whether he would have gotten the job or not; but stiff shit.
Plus he has the worst hair in politics.

Always a nerd, but he had a very square build. I was shocked the first time I walked past him

He must've had some extreme diet due to Heart conditions. Looks fucked now, skinny kunt :D
Clive Palmer lol

Kunt looks at me like he thinks I'm gunna kill him :D

He's paranoid I'd say, prolly for good reason.
RBA governor Glenn Stevens' parting message to Turnbull: borrow and spend

Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens has used his farewell speech to implore the Turnbull government to take on more debt, saying that rate cuts alone can no longer "dial up the growth we need".
Although interest rate cuts still had some effect, they worked through encouraging private borrowers to borrow more and had "possibly less" effect than in the past .......... "

When i was working at Dell we had a lot of computers with the feds we looked after. Got a call one day to fix Rudd's laptop.

No i didn't load it up with malware or take a shit on the keyboard
what about you guys?
Weren't you critical of Rudd running that deficit during the GFC? Rudd spent $51 billion to make Australia one of few western economies not to go into Recession. Morrison spent $300 billion during 2020.
Rudd was ahead of the curve back then. Now every nation uses massive deficit spending to cushion economic blows. Go early and go hard is the mantra.

This commodities boom should help pay off the Bankcard. Inflation and IRs aside.