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Finally brought a house - Bring on the home gym!


so after 2 months traipsing around europe and the middle east not working out at all and another month going through stresses of buying a house, planning a move, getting made redundant and finding a new job! (sheez), I've just got moving in (settling on Thursday) and starting to live with my girlfriend to come :)

So I need a home gym to work off the stress (plus i'll now be 60km from my usual gym) ...

I have a 9.3m x 5.3m Garage thats all mine for the gym and access to a park out the back gate (gym also has a pretty high ceiling), Currently my gym room has the following items that are coming with me

Iron edge flat/incline bench (solid)
Globe barbell (about 25kg)
Iron master Adjustable DB's (up to about 50kg each)
Body Solid Dip bars (great)
An exercise bike (Semi commercial type one, mistake but its ok)
A range of kettlebells from 8kg to 64kg (Selling a couple, keeping most)
10x 1m sq 15mm rubber flooring from iron edge
A couple of sandbags from iron edge
A few iron edge power clubs
8 or so 50mm .5m sq rubber tiles
An iron edge mace bell
An iron edge 20kg weight vest
(a WorldFitness 30kg weight vest i want to sell)
A couple of small pylo boxes (i use for UDL's)
Fat Gripz
Misc Bands from iron edge.
Rings (not used yet as ideas for hanging didn't work out)
a range of Bulgarian bags from iron edge
15kg & 35kg dead balls from iron edge

My thoughts as for the new items I'm going to buy are the following

1x Force USA commercial power rack (I know its overkill, i like though)
1x Force USA Commercial flat bench (30cm)
1x GymAndFitness "Troy Texas Power bar" (OR iron edge OR ABC power bar)
1x WorldFitness Pec/Delt Machine
1x Body Solid 45 degree Hyper ext
1x Body Solid Seated Calf
1x Body Solid Preacher bench (and an Ezy Bar)
1x Body Solid cam leg ext/curl
1x Dip Belt, 1x 2x4 for calves
1x Barbell Jack for convenience factor

Vaguely Considering a Body Solid Lever Squat (for standing calves, more squats once my back says no - alternative to a leg press)

I'm thinking of going cheap on cables and getting this
Cages Smith Machine, Rack Smith Machine, Cable Crossover Machine with Swivel Pulley System - World Fitness

or if i decide to splurge, I'll get this
Force USA Functional Trainer System | Gym Equipment

Also Considering a plate loaded lat pulldown & seated row as well like
Body Solid Freeweight Pro Lat Machine - GLM83 | Gym ... I might defer this a while though, its mostly for Seated rows and I can do without them a while.

A whole heap of rubber coated olympic plates from gymAndFitness (ForceUSA brand)

A cheap sled of some brand
Possibly a swiss bar and cheap trap bar from iron edge.
Some more rubber flooring
Maybe a punching bag
Decline bench

At some point in the distant future i might buy a concept 2 rower.

Any thoughts? Anyone had good/bad experiences with any of that gear?
This is intended to entirely replace my visiting of a commercial gym

Based in Melbourne if anyone has any ideas for any other shops i should visit.

I thought about a GHR but i can't seem to get the hang of it when i try them out, feel like i'm going to slip off and break something.
PS you bought a house (past of buy), not brought (past of bring).

Sorry but it's a pet hate of mine, I work with a guy who constantly mixes these up and it really annoys me. :p
PS you bought a house (past of buy), not brought (past of bring).

Sorry but it's a pet hate of mine, I work with a guy who constantly mixes these up and it really annoys me. :p

Same here, and I work with a bloke who likes to "arks me a question".

Congrats OP on the set up!

cement in a frame for the rings/trx style workouts in the garden
couple of kopper logs and a cross beam or two
can reuse it for kids swings down the track ;)
We've got swings 50m away in the park over the back fence :) ... But yeah, sounds like something i might try and get permission from the boss to do
It seems like a lot of equipment. have you measured out your space and worked out how much will actually fit in? don't forget that free space is just as important.

I would probably buy less equipment but spend more on what is really important. I would rather have a sorinex darkhorse or really blow the budget and get the iron cage from iron edge. Then a great bar with a set of bumper plates with tight hole tolerances ivanko/eleiko etc.

But that's just me, I am sure whatever you do will be great.
you really like spending money dont you lol - sounds impressive though, pleade post pics once all set up
Hmm, it seems ForceUSA plates are smaller diameter than standard (not 450mm for 20's and 25's) ... Does anyone have any ideas for a good supplier for cheap rubber coated plates? .. (Iron Edge are just a bit pricey at almost $5/KG) .. Aussie strength looks to have similar plates at $3/KG, but I've got no idea of their quality....