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  1. T

    2009 Pendlay HD Nexgen vs Rogue Ohio

    Hi guys, looking at finally taking the plunge and starting a home gym. Just looking at powerlifting so lining up a bench, squat rack, bar and weights. Found a used 2009 Pendlay HD Nexgen bar (bearing not bushing) with 2x20kg and 2x10kg for $300 and was wondering what your opinions were on that...
  2. Shrek

    [Running] Justin steals gold

    Justin Gatlin steals gold in 100m World Championship final - Daily Mail https://apple.news/A4JRjluqXTzS0f2blzkFD3g Bolt beaten: Gatlin wins 100m sprint to spoil Jamaican's swansong - ABC News https://apple.news/AFdb_Nqv5QTGMIrpFMCOBaA http://au.iherb.com/?rcode=ZSG863
  3. T

    Does job type have a bearing on strength?

    Hi guys, I have something I would like to get comments/input please. I was training in my gym the other day with my nephew Paul. He is 30 about 6 foot 3 inches tall, around 95 kilos and works in a maintenance crew falling trees. He is the climber whereby he climbs to the tops of the trees...
  4. Fadi

    Triceps giant drop set with a twist

    Everyone knows the effectiveness of a giant set, where more than two exercises targeting the same muscle or muscle group are done one after another. Similarly, everyone is familiar with drop sets and the burning pump they give a worked muscle. This triceps' giant set does have three exercises...
  5. B

    still waiting

    G'day guys, Apologies for the crappy first post. I originally messaged bulk nutrients on Facebook in September last year asking advice regarding WPI/WPC. I also placed a request for a sample at the same time which i never received ( my friend placed a request at the same time, never got anything...
  6. I

    Winner of $50.00 Store Credit & Belt Pre orders now available!

    Hey AusBB We're just announcing our latest winner for $50.00 store credit. A big congratulations to Jens Petter Huagen for his creative review. :) For your chance to win, please head on over to our webstore www.irontanksgymgear.com and leave us some feedback! We value your feedback as it...
  7. A

    Finally went for a run

    My kids both do little athletics and this year my son is finally catching up to some of the other kids (he's more mathletic than athletic). A few times this week he has asked if we can do some exercise, specifically running, so we went down to the oval. In his age group (u9) they do 400m and...
  8. A

    Did you: Just get a new bike

    Did you: Just get a new bike? Just got an older new-to-me bike? Finally take a picture of your bike that you're proud of? If so in the comments below post your bike and then give us some details: How long have you had it? Is it stock? If you've modified it, what did you do and why? What...
  9. A

    NSCA Admits Publishing False Claims about CrossFit Injuries

    http://therussells.crossfit.com/2015/09/21/nsca-admits-publishing-false-claims-about-crossfit-injuries/ The National Strength and Conditioning Association is asking the public to disregard the claims its study made regarding injuries in CrossFit. After two years of inaction and litigation, the...
  10. E

    I hurt my bloody shoulder....

    So finally started making progress with bench, getting a bit heavier (for me), and starting to see a difference Then, bloody incline bench, too much too soon and got a twinge in my right shoulder. Stopped, felt ok, took all the weight off and lifted the bar, to try and "feel" what was going on...
  11. Neddysmith

    Ufc 193 - melbourne

    The first fight for UFC 193 in Melbourne has finally been announced. Lawler Vs. Condit http://www.mmaweekly.com/ufc-193-taking-shape-with-robbie-lawler-vs-carlos-condit
  12. A

    How to Finally Enjoy Running: The Non-Runner's Ultimate Guide

    Runner or non-runner, whichever you call yourself, I've been there. And I think I've finally figured out that whole label thing. When running is fun -- when, even when it's hard, it comes easy -- that's when you feel like a runner. But most of the time, for most of us, it doesn't flow like that...
  13. Headley

    Everything 4x4 & Camping

    Anyone go offroad? Anyone go camping? Anyone love seeing whats out there? I am getting into it slowly with me Triton, need to build it up first
  14. Big Mick

    Finally some research that people will find useful!!

    Oral sex is good for women's health and makes you feel happier, according to a study which studied the effects of semen's 'mood-altering chemicals'. The State University of New York study - which scientists carried out via survey rather than through practical experiment - compared the sex lives...
  15. A

    Science Has Finally Figured Out How to Win Rock-Paper-Scissors

    Turns out that all you rock-paper-scissors champions who chalk it up to skill over luck may be on to something. Because according to science, there might actually be a winning strategy to this greatest of metacarpal match-ups. The bold claim comes from a collective of Chinese researchers who...
  16. B

    ThermoWhey finally released

  17. A

    Concerts - Which have you attended?

    I'm sure over the years, some of you have been to a few concerts me i never really went to just a single bands concert , but did goto big day out a few times vans warp tour kiss acdc oh the mavis's when they came to town and a ska band which the name escapes me at the moment saw a few...
  18. NightFallTech

    Finally brought a house - Bring on the home gym!

    Right... so after 2 months traipsing around europe and the middle east not working out at all and another month going through stresses of buying a house, planning a move, getting made redundant and finding a new job! (sheez), I've just got moving in (settling on Thursday) and starting to...
  19. L

    Finally tried to put a plan together

  20. B

    New Shakers have finally arrived

    We asked customers here on our Facebook page earlier this year on what they wanted in a shaker. It was near unanimous that you all wanted a screw lid style and to include the metal mixing ball inside. Now available: Shaker