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New member
Recently I have been getting this dull ache on the left side of my chest. There is no tightness and my heart is all sweet but sometimes when just leaning forward I got this dull ache. Today I was doing shoulder press and the ache was there and then suddenly something triggered in there, didn't feel like a tear or anything but couldn't lift anything after I felt the pain come on. I had a shower and could barely get my shirt over my head. There isn't any muscle soreness and when I massage the area nothing is sore to touch but find when twisting my neck around the pain seems to increase. Am thinking some kind of nerve damage or inflammation of some sort.
Mebbe you have a rib out of place. That can be quite painful and can also make breathing difficult. Chiro/Osteo would fix that. Or it could be a torn muscle between the ribs. It happens.
Agree with bazza here, a chiro may treat the symptom but they won't do much for a cure and you'll be seeing
them weekly for a while, then fortnightly, then monthly, the quarterly for ever and all at $50 a visit
As you said, you are having more pain while twisting your neck, make me more confident about nerve damage. There won't be any swelling, better you should consult your physician.
Yes sounds like a damaged nerve issue rather than musculoskeletal pain. I once had a similar shooting pain in my upper back and when I went to the doctor thinking its a sore or pulled muscle - it turned out to be a somewhat grave nerve issue called brachial neuralgia. Spinal compressions and nerve disorders are quite common these days - thanks to our 9 to 5 desk jobs that tie us to one cubicle for the better part of the day. I would suggest you go for physiotherapy and consume a diet rich in omega-3 foods.
It could be judged with the intensity of pain you have while lifting heavy weight or not lifting anything and just moving your body around. Muscles do have relation with the brain and it could be related to your thoughts if the pain is not consistent and low intense.