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Car Doors and Bicycle Safety




One of the hazards that you will face while out cycling is the dreaded car door. Many drivers will fling open their doors without checking that no bike is coming or just don't give a stuff and fling it open anyway. So lets talk about how to avoid being injured when someone opens a car door in front of you.

Riding right into an open door can leave a bike commuter shocked and badly bruised. In the worst case a cyclist can be been thrown under the wheels of on coming vehicles

Once you have been surprised by a sudden opening door, it's already too late to react. Instead of trying to deal with scenario when it happens it's best to avoid the situation all together.

1). Whenever possible, ride at least 1 metre away from park cars to avoid sudden opening doors. Even when the parked cars are spaced out always keep in a straight line with out constantly move in and out around cars

2). Make sure your brake are in good working order.

3). Keep you arms/hands free from any bags allowing for quick reaction to obstacles and hazards.

4) Adjust your speed to the environment around you ,allowing for ample time to react

5). When passing a line of cars keep an eye on those doors, especially when passing taxi's.

6). Watch for the clues that a door might suddenly open up: people in cars , rear lights , exhaust , car just pulled in etc

7). Don't be afraid to use your voice and yell out