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Hi Guys,

Some might have been around long enough to remember when I used to post here about a decade ago. Yep, a decade. At the time I was training PTC PPP and got to some numbers I was happy with but then life happened. Work got really crappy and I fell out of gym routine altogether. This year I turn the big 5-0 and that has shocked me a bit. Then my 14 year old son was looking through some old photos of me and pointed out that I used to look pretty good. That was it. I'm done being overweight and out of shape. Not crazy overweight just too much of the good life and no gym or diet.

So, g'day again and its great to be back. I'm living in Hanoi Vietnam with my family at the moment but have found a good local gym near work that I'm going to join.

Spotted this related thread which showed I'm not alone in taking too long off:


I don't think I'll jump straight back into PPP. In fact, I've lost the program that Markos sent me so unless someone can PM it to me I'll need to reach out to him again for it. I'll ease in to training 3 times a week and try and find some fitness again. I jumped under the squat bar after a long break and can still comfortably do a 100kg. Not a big number but it shows some muscles never forget. Deads OK too at around 130kg 1RM and bench still weak as always.

50YO and 75kg now. My 1RMs from about 10 years ago were 140 squat, 97 bench, 177 dead. Looking forward to getting back into it.

Here's the thread I ran back in the day for backstory if interested:


But I'll start slow and ease back in. Any training beats no training.

Just wanted to say Hi.

Welcome back mate!
What's doing in Vietnam?

Working over here now. Got a nice expat gig working in Hanoi building a new Supply Chain for Vietnam's largest modern trade retailer. But will be coming home at the end of the year.

Going to just ease back into gym doing 3 days a week to start with each day centred around one of the big lifts with a few supporting exercises. So, push, pull, legs. Bench, Deads, Squat and on each day do related iso exercises too. Might even through some pin weights at it!! :)

Welcome back and good to hear your getting back under the bar. I'm a little younger that you (45) but I cam back to the gym after a long break a few years ago and just ran the beginner program (which was also ones of Markos) that is on here. I ran it 2 day a week for more than 6 months just to get used to lifting again. Maybe consider doing that full body 3 days a week for a little while and then decide on a program after that.
If you are wanting something, i suggest GZCL novice LP, or Johnny Canditos program.

Of course nothing wrong with the ptc beginner program either. All the same basic premise.

You could of course just use the starting strength template also with added chinups and more bench volume.

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Yep, welcome back bloke... I too have been away from AUSBB for awhile, but not from the iron. Trust your training goes well.