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Roy demeo666

New member
Hey guys. I'm doing a super test 400 cycle. I'm only pinning 1 mil/400mg once per week. Before everyone crucifies me, I'm fully aware it has prop in it and should be pinned twice per week but I'm doing it anyway. I was after test E but couldn't get it and this fell in my lap so i thought what the heck. I hate pinning myself so twice a week is out! I'm 8 weeks in & just trying to make the best of a bad situation so any positive mature advice would be much appreciated.

* ,can I cycle the test 400 for 12-14 weeks?

* should I expect any half decent results given the fact I'm only pinning it once per week ?

* can u guys recommend a PCT ?

*45 years old.
*93 kg
* roughly 20% body fat
* 179 cm

diet could be cleaned up but get the required amount of protien and carbs for my body weight. I've had 25 years on and off experience in the gym. I train hard for my age. Now I'm old I'm Staritng to back off the weight and go more for quality instead. In 25 years I've done 3, 10 week test E cycles, one 12 week test e/deca cycle and now this. So little steroid experience. I've never done PCT & never had issues.
Again,I understand it's messy & unprepared but I'm just after some mature and experienced feedback regarding this type of test.

Thanks guys.
I am 48 and have now been training for 30 years. Wow I can’t believe that now. I have used gear on and off since I was 19. Did stupid amounts in my 20’s and got pretty big. I had a large period in my 30’s where I don’t use anything. Went to a dr in my early 40’s and got on to trt. Trt dose is up to 250mg per week but generally 1ml every two weeks. I have had a couple of small breaks and use HCG which my Gold Coast dr sells me. 10-20iu per day.
I have done a few cycles now also. I have been using test E and nandrolone. Up to 3mls per week so approx 550mg per week. Recent course I just did 2 mls E per week plus 1 x Dbol 25mg per day. I actually had some really good gains on this small amount of Dbol.
Currently weighing 87kg but with only 9% fat and very vascular
Personally I won’t go fully off again just a try dose which is good at our age
Hope this is of some help