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  1. R

    Advice needed.

    Hey guys. I'm doing a super test 400 cycle. I'm only pinning 1 mil/400mg once per week. Before everyone crucifies me, I'm fully aware it has prop in it and should be pinned twice per week but I'm doing it anyway. I was after test E but couldn't get it and this fell in my lap so i thought what...
  2. Stiff 2G

    NEW Moderator required, apply within

    Letz face it, Shrek's old fat and soft. Forum needs new blood. I nominate big Mick or bazza20 as new Mod.
  3. WoodyAllen

    Powerlifting Australia, Oceania Powerlifting and the IPF

    Below article is not mine, not written by me and I have no particular opinion about it. Just posting for general info. ************ POWERLIFTING AUSTRALIA AND THE IPF You may be aware that just recently the Luxemburg Civil Court ruled predominantly in favour of Powerlifting Australia, the...
  4. T

    FS: [BNE] Squat stand, Safety Squat Bar,Trap Bar

    Hi guys, With a recent house move, I need to get rid of some of my stuff. These were all purchased from Southside Fitness about 3-4 years ago. Links below show the current prices and pics for the items when new. Squat stand...
  5. I

    ?*NEW 'Hellraiser' Series Lifting Belts! Our Latest Innovation! Check them out!*?

    ?*NEW 'Hellraiser' Series Lifting Belts! Our Latest Innovation! Check them out!*? Hey AusBB, we're pretty proud of this one. Check it out! Afternoon team Iron! We hope you have had a fantastic start to 2017. We're very excited to introduce our latest innovation - the...
  6. H

    Trt aus question

    Trt in Austrailia From blasting and cruising since a young age for competative bodybuilding what are the chances of getting trt from the doctors and what are the legal aspects now also do they usually include hcg with trt ? Sick of cruising on my own methods
  7. S

    Monolift versus Walkout

    Pros and Cons?
  8. R

    Weightlifting Club

    Our weekly WLC program is for the beginner to experienced lifter looking to take their Weightlifting to the next level. Each week our Expert Coaches take you through the fundamental movements, technique drills, accessory work and coaching specific to you to improve your Olympic Lifting. The...
  9. B

    Cycle Information

    Hi Guys, I'm 26, and this is my 2nd cycle. I've got a personal trainer 4 times a week. eating approx 3000 calories a day (1500 in optimum nutrition gainer) Rest is mainly chicken breast. Been training for 6 years on and off. Currently 75kg with 18% Body Fat. I'm starting in a few weeks. Goal is...
  10. jzpowahz

    Push band. (Measures bar speed)

    This is state of the art technology to be used for strength and conditioning. Accurately measure bar speed, force, power and many other things to really take your training to the next level. Checkout http://www.trainwithpush.com for more info. I've used this about 10 times and it worked great...
  11. S


    What would be a good option for adding dumbells to my home gym? My wife wants to start working out and with her bad knees I think we could construct a pretty good workout for her using mostly dumbells.
  12. Kyle Aaron

    certifications don't matter much

    Most articles on choosing a trainer will tell you to check their certifications. I can assure you that it makes little difference. Trainers need to know anatomy and biomechanics, to have good communication skills, and to be able to teach correct movement. Some schools do the first, almost none...
  13. Goosey

    Full range exercise versus partial

    We know the benefits of using machines over the barbell. more volume is required in barbell work because of the limited time spent under tension. An interesting study revealed that 80% received only half strength increases and fatigue using partial reps while 20 % increased strength by 100%...
  14. A

    How many of you record your lifting progress and how many go by "feel"?

    Carrying that little black book around in the gym or just grabbing that weight, seeing what feels right, and completing the set.
  15. O

    Epic Gainz Capsule Trial

    Under permission from Shrek we are posting this here for you guys to be involved if you wish. We are looking for people wanting to participate in logging a new version of Epic Gainz in capsule form, we are in the process of creating. The more people the better. We are going to supply...
  16. A

    If there was a BB bible, what would the 10 commandments be?

    If there was a BB bible, what would the 10 commandments be? Thou shalt not curl in the squat rack.
  17. Jungnaut

    Lifting with Bulged Disc in Cervical Spine. Yolo?

    I have been diagnosed via C_T scan a bulged disc between the C6/C7 (cervical spine, neck). I am 100% certain years of poor sitting posture created this, so I am trying to correct it just as I did with my anterior posterior tilt by consciously thinking about keeping my ears inline with my...

    New products / Coming Soon / Weekly Deal on PRE and POST

    Hi Ausbb'ers. Since the last post on here we've been working away to deliver some new products and new sizes for existing products. What's New New 1kg Amino Acid Bag Sizes (Heavily Discounted) - Creapure Creatine, BCAA's, Glutamine, Beta Alanine and Citrulline Malate. Plant based protein...
  19. S

    Gun laws in Australia

    Do gun laws in Australia need to be tightened or "loosened?
  20. Repacked

    Volume vs Frequency

    There is a school of thought that says that frequency of training is of greater importance than sheer volume e.g. if you do 12 sets for muscle group X once per week you will see a greater benefit doing 6 sets twice per week. I can see the logic in this in regards to being able to increase...