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  1. 0ni

    Squat question

    So I realised today that I easily have the flexibility now to go ass to grass on front squats. I just need to know the implications of this and have the following questions: With a similar stance, should I be able to go ass to grass on both high bar and low bar squats? From next week I am...
  2. Big Mick

    Half Price Vitamins !!!!!

    Just for everyones info Chemist Warehouse has 50% off all Vitamins at the moment!! So if you use any vitamin supplements it's a good time to stock up. You can also order on line, great savings as you can buy twice as much. Here is the link: Chemist Warehouse - Vitamins PS I do not work for...
  3. B

    New Bulking Diet

    new bulking diet alot of carbs and bread but i have been losing weight on whati was eating before note everythings whole weat or brown rice etc. Its only for 4 weeks to see how i go. i think its around 3600 calories roughly. 5:30: 2 whole eggs 4 egg whites and 4 slices of toast 8:30: 2 nat pb...
  4. C

    Which half rack? Powertec or GymDirect?

    Hi Guys, I want to replace the standard bench and bar setup with a power rack so i can do chins and squats all in the same place. I'm thinking of buying one around the $500 mark. I've looked at GymDirect and SamsFitness. Sam's has this one which looks quite nice...
  5. P

    Eating half hour after w/o

    I was told today that it is far better to eat a big meal of Carbs and protein within half an hour after a workout to maximise the any gains from that work out. Im genraly not hungry at all after w/o, not for at least an hour or two However I will eat carbs and chase good protein sources all...
  6. A

    [Cycling] dirt half pipe

    The pipe is for an RedBull event named the "Red Bull Dirt Pipe" being held on private property up in the Kiewa Valley in North East Victoria. the first of it's kind in the world. 30 top pro riders have been invited to compete with no specators The pipe is the same dimensions as a snow...
  7. A

    Vegetable Soup

    Vegetable Soup With Winter upon us , soups are always good . 1/2- onion (75g) 2- cloves of garlic 1- mild chilli (optional) 2- tsp vegetable stock powder 1- medium zucchini (175g) 1- medium carrot (75g,) 2- ripe tomatoes (150g, ) 1- tsp chopped fresh...
  8. B

    Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream Dessert

    Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream Dessert Ingredients: * 3 tbsp of half-melted ice cream (fat-free) - chocolate is recommended * 2 scoops vanilla whey protein powder * 2 tsp natural peanut butter * 1 banana Protein Dessert Instructions First of all scoop your fat-free chocolate...