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You can only choose 1 supplement in the world...


End of the World scenario...

You've got a shelf in front of you with every known supplement, but you can only choose 1 to take.

Which one, and why?

For me: JACK3d... the best PWO I've ever seen and measurable differences in output with it. Will miss it.... :(
I will get flamed on for this, but I'd be unsure of whether or not to get plain old Creatine Mono, or to get Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series Orange flavour. The former is more versatile, and I won't get bored with it. I assume, being apocalypse, I don't have to pay, so the latter is attractive (when we take price out of the equation).

I think Gorilla's Blood would be a close runner up
Steak. Or if serious, protein.

Why the fuck would you need Jack3d at the end of the world. This is actually a very silly question.
I would just have to go with protein powder for ease and I find this is basically this is the only supp I use and I think everything else is overrated....
If it was the end of world scenario I wouldn't be standing in a fucking supplement shop I'd be in a Ferrari shop LOL, but I'd prolly take the steroids.