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New member
Looks like all reputable international sites have stopped shipping to Australia. What local sites are good to go? I’m after MK-677.
hey man, I am also searching at the moment. Its so hard to find a genuine one, I found mrsarm.com. Based in QLD, says that their products are made in USA and can produce HPLC lab results. I wouldn't even know what I am reading though. I looked at other sites like ozsarms.is, hardcoresarms but not sure about them - they are on the cheaper side so probably manufactured in china. So far for me I'm leaning toward Mr Sarm. Let me know if you have found another sites too. Cheers buddy :)
I’ve been using ozsarms for about 7 months now. Used most of their stuff and its been g2g bro.

Oh and btw 99% of sarms come from China, anybody who says otherwise is full of shit
MK goes well with Ligandrol.
Interesting. People I speak with say it's a shitty thing to take the MK-667. Too much GH increases, for too long. And way too much bloat.

Just use regular gear. Seriously.

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