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rehabbing lower back


BigRed Kunce
Hey guys,

For years now I've been getting a sore muscle at the base of my spine and to the right, it's one of the muscles used to straighten back up when bending to pick something up.

I'm getting some physio done to it once a month as well as a course of anti inflamatries once or twice a year when it flares up.

Exercises that help a lot: good mornings

Anyone got any other exercises I can try to get those muscles working?
Stiff legged deadlifts but you gotta do it right otherwise it’ll make matters worse, the proper way to do this;

Like any exercise one set once a week will produce very quick results if the exercise is done with full range of motion and resistance is there from full extension to full contraction.

the SLDL like most barbell exercises are not full range but this exercise is one that will address many things that other exercises don’t so here goes and read carful.

stand on a block with the legs only slightly bent bend at the hip lower your torso as low as you can go do not keep you spine rigid but bend it forward as you lower yourself down the bend needs to be at around the top of your feet.
This exercise is a lower back exercise.
Rep cadence is 4 seconds down, 2 second up .
Stand straight and don’t over exaggerate the low back.
yourself down the (bend) needs to be at around the top of your feet.

That should read “bar”

but start off with the bar only target is twelve reps, once you’ve mastered 12 rep’s with exceptional form increase by 5 kg and do 8 rep’s add a rep each workout until you get to 12, own that 12 reps for 3 consecutive workouts then add another 2.5 kg and repeat the process.

when you’re doing 22 good rep’s with 40 kg imagine how strong you low back, glutes and hamstrings will be.