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Plate under heels for assistance in pushing through heels

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What are your experiences and ideas re: putting plates under the heels during deadlifts

With a tall person, it seems their long legs can make it more difficult to get the bar past the knees, in turn putting pressure towards the toes and balls of feet instead of the heels. This is the conclusion I've come to based on my lifting and through second-hand information.

It's been suggested to me by a friend who lifts, that putting a plate under each heel will aid me in improving this aspect of the lift - pushing through the heels.

I will of course trial this, starting next deadlift session, in the meantime, I'm fascinated :D

What do you think
Squats, yes can help tall lifters but use oly shoes.

Deadlifts, no. If you struggle to get the bar past your knees it is probably because you are trying to squat your deadlift up causing your knees to get in the way. Lifters with short legs can get away with this but longer legged lifters will need to start the deadlift with higher hips and a greater forward lean on the torso.
I dont like the safety aspect of this. Walking a heavy weight out then having to negotiate the wood or plates. One wrong step and youll end up on your ass.

Buy shoes.
Dont buy shoes..... Unless they are chucks.....

You want to sit back in the deadlift, not be tipped forward from an oly shoe or plate.
Unless your an oly lifter, have injured glutes/hams or have ankle mobility issues, there is no reason for oly shoes.
At first I thought this thread was talking about squats, because elevating the back of your foot on deadlifts is not helping you!
don't know about plates under your heels - have certainly used plates under the balls of my feet / toes to force pressure / stance back on to the heels tho.
Barefoot for deads all the way! (deadlift slippers for comps)
Olympic shoes for deads sound like a terrible idea.