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PCT needed


New member
Hey everyone. New to this and I'm taking 1ml/250mg Test e a week. Just wondering will I need to do a PCT after my 12 week cycle is done.

I'm taking CJC 1295/ IPAMORELIN 0.15ml a day along with 1ml test e a week. Getting very good results.

If I need PCT what's best to take and how much. Clomid 50mg 2 or 3 times a week and for how long? And how long after stopping the test injections should I wait to take the Clomid if I need it?

Also when can I start back on the test e again once finished the PCT.

Sorry for all the questions 😅
You are going to start getting your testicles back in shape by using HCG. During the 2 weeks after your last steroid injection of the cycle, you should begin taking HCG injections 1000IU two or three times per week. Three times is better than two. HCG is used for a total of 3 weeks. At the beginning of week 3 fourteen days after your last steroid shot, Start taking nolvadex at 40mg per day and clomid at 50mg per day. Take the nolvadex at 40mg for 3 weeks. Take the Clomid at 50mg for 2 weeks. Do a final 4th week of Nolvadex 20mg. Now discontinue all drugs and after 2 weeks go get your testosterone levels tested. Make sure they have returned to normal range. Feel free to reach out for more advice.
I'm doing the same cycle of just 1 ml 250 test e per week and my test levels were low so I'm not sure if there's a point to me coming off or just doing a big blast of deca/ test/ dbol before returning to the 250 test e as it's almost like trt just high range. With regular blood work and donating every 2-3 months should this be ok? Thanks