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Full depth??? You mean just, if barely breaking parallel depth?

I mean, full depth for a powerlifter, as opposed to shit partial squats made in other federations. For example, this piece of shit done in competition, not just a gym squat which is what Jezza did:

The puzzling part is, why get all shitty over a statement like that? My intent is to point out that, in a world full of interwebs warriors who are full of shit, here is a guy who is able to make a superhuman effort successfully and to do so in accord with the "pure" requirements for powerlifters. Not olympic lifters. He's not an olympic lifter. Not phaggoty crossfit, as he's not a crossfitter (obviously).

....barely breaking parallel depth?

Correct. Parallel is proper depth in powerlifting (top of knee and hip crease in line) but almost always lifters dip a touch below that to make sure the lift passes. Going further than that lessens the chance of completing the lift, so part of the skill in performing squats is going "to depth", not a lot past that.

For example, an olympic lifter goes deeper, sometimes much deeper, purely because the actual lift is different. They are not just squatting down for the sake of squatting, as is the case for powerlifters. They are squatting to get under the bar so that it can be lifted to a minimal height during the initial portion of the lift. The snatch and C&J is not a squat. Its a bar lift. The squat just gets you under the bar to complete the lift. Just ask Fadi who was an olympic lifter. Thats also partly why powerlifting weights shit all over olympic lifts. 260 C&J? Phuk dat. I warm up with 260kg in deadlift. Cos its different.

Jezza's squat an incredible effort. And as repacked correctly pointed out, non of you fukkers (and myself included) could never even get that off the pegs, not to mention walk it out. You could probably squat to depth with it, but that would be the last thing you ever did. You would be literally crushed to death. Try it. Go into your gym and load up a bar with 250kg. Or 300kg. Or maybe 350kg. Now get under the bar and unrack it. Now walk it out then put it back in the rack.

Now come back and tell me that what Jezza is a pussy and barely broke parallel with 440kg. Fukyoo.

Maybe my original post was a bit flippant, but the bottom line is that we have here a guy repping a weight that would have broken the world record last year.

Jezza is the Narau Nightmare. Phuk all you haters.

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calm down woody, we get your points. Powerlifters are super human freaks, except next to sportsmen like NFL linebackers who would probably make them look pretty ordinary in everything but a few lifts.

I would like to see the Nauruan at Big Dogs next year. He should challenge the IPF on basis of restraint of trade.