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New member
HI Everyone

Firstly thank you in advance to anyone that can contribute to answering my questions.

I recently went to see a surgeon about my gyno and plan to remove as i really want to use gear but have always been concerned around how it can impact the current gyno i have. The surgeon wants me to now go see an endocrinologist to see if there are any underlying symptoms that could be causing the gyno.

First question is there anything specific i should be asking or getting tested for while i am paying $380 for half an hour with this expert?

Once i get the surgery i plan to start using gear i want to use "Platinum Anabolics Testobol (Testosterone Enanthate) 250mg/mL" Second question have you used ausjuice as your supplier and have you used Platinum Anabolics as the manufacturer before and can use give me any feedback

I would like to jump on for 12 weeks and pyramiding starting at 100mg and topping at 250mgThird question do you have any advice on what doses i should take at each week from week 1 to 12

After the cycle i know i need to go on PCT Nolvadex and Clomid.

Fourth question when should i use PCT some say 21 day but if test enanthate has a half like of around 4 - 5 day shouldn't i start using this after 9 -10 days after my last injection of test?

Fifth question what should my doses be for the PCT?

Hi there Newtothis.

I have gyno from back when I was a teenager. Never got around to having surgery. But now after much researching I am taking Raloxifene. Have been taking it for one month now, got two months left (1 month at 120mg/day, then 60mg/day for month 2 and 3). It just dissolves the gyno away. Can keep cycling which is good cause I will start Bulking cycle soon. Am very happy with how it is going so far.
Personally I would not use Ausjuice ever again after my experience like 4 years ago when it sold and I bought a tonne of under dosed bunk gear from them.

Secondly if you have the Gyno removed I would wait until the wound is fully healed before you plan to run a cycle and you should not have this problem any more but I would run an estro suppressant if your levels are elevated.

My question is why would you run testabol for your first cycle, And not something like test and an oral for 12 weeks?.
silly question
If i have a 10ml vial of test cypionate 250 and want to run 10 weeks of 500mg per week split into 2 250mg shots.
i would use 1ml on say monday and 1ml on thursday. that equals 500mgs a week?
and then i would need 2 10ml vials for the course?

maths has never been my strong suit
Hi. I would advice you this cycle: 500mgs Test 10-12 weeks, Nolvadex on hand for sides. PCT 2 weeks after last pin, 40/40/20/20