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Barbell Rear Delt Raise


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Anyone do these, I'm on a huge kick to keep my rear delts killer to avoid making my shoulder problems any worse. The curse of the bench bro LOL. I was lurking an old fave website ExRx (Exercise Prescription) on the Internet and they break up bodyparts by their relevant exercise and this was one of the few barbell options for rear delt.

I don't really like BB rowing but do alot of face pulls, rear delt raises, T-bar orws to try and maintain shoulder health. Anyone out there tried this??


Pointers, tips or feedback would be good. I'm going to try next week and will report back.
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I just like getting the 12kg dumbbells, sitting on an incline bench and swinging them back and forth. The range of motion is very small and I normally go for 100+ reps

Everything else feels like I'm raping the shit out of my shoulders and face pulls I can't stay upright when I use enough weight
That exercise pictures activates too much trap.
Dumbell bent over raises would be a better option.
That exercise pictures activates too much trap.
Dumbell bent over raises would be a better option.

I do bent over rows, rear delt flys whatever you want to call them, just looking to supplement with some other assistance.

Heavy Farmers walks

Too much cardio doing GPP, I'll go catabolic.

As GROAR mentioned, that's mostly trap than rear delt work

Yeah I dunno, I'll do some next week on Monday and report back, traps are probably lacking as well so might be a good option to kill one bird with two stones.
Never tried that exercise so don't have much to add there but personally I think chest supported rows of some form shit all over other rowing movements.

Big traps are awesome. My favorite trap exercise is power shrugs. Traps burn for days after. They seem to get bigger after just weeks of doing them.
I'm pretty astonished that gpp was the thing you picked up on there
How the fuck do farmers walks train the rear delts?
Brick, a routine/s that includes an emphasis on rows, chinups, deadlifting, SLDL's, machine pullovers, curls, farmer's and shurgs will overtime - build a solid thick back, your rear delts will be bigger than the front, guaranteed.
Id like to think Ive got rear delts, all I do deadlift, pull ups, reverse flys, chest supported rows and pendlay rows.

Seems to work well for me.
I'm a big fan of band pullaparts. Make sure you lock your humerus into the back of the socket (pulling the shoulders back the same way you're meant to when you bench). Then just rep them out. Smashes rear delts.