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PHOTO: Lee Nagorcka won the men's physique category of the Muscle Mania bodybuilding contest on the Gold Coast.(Supplied: Lee Nagorcka/Jared Taylor)
Bodybuilder Lee Nagorcka is gorging on protein shakes and rising at 3am to lift weights, all in preparation to represent Australia at the Muscle Mania Fitness Universe contest in the USA

The personal trainer, from Ballina in northern New South Wales, qualified for the world title competition after this month winning the men's physique category of the Australian Muscle Mania body building contest on the Gold Coast.
"It felt amazing [to win] because you go through such a rollercoaster of emotions," Mr Nagorcka said.

"It's a really personal thing."
Mr Nagorcka said the men's physique category was for competitors who were slightly leaner than traditional Arnold Schwarzenegger-type bodybuilders.
"Bodybuilders are generally a lot thicker and a lot more dense," he said.
"Men's physique is a step down, where we still have to train like a bodybuilder but we're a bit less Arnie."
PHOTO: Body builder Lee Nagorcka will represent Australia at the Muscle Mania Fitness Universe contest in Las Vegas in November, 2016. (ABC North Coast: Samantha Turnbull)
He said he had spent several months eating seven protein-based meals per day and exercising for at least two hours before and after working full-time as a personal trainer.
"It's not like doing a normal health plan for someone who just wants to get in shape; it's another level," Mr Nagorcka said.
"To be able to build or maintain muscle on a calorie deficit, it's hard, and protein is a big part of it."
He said he began in the fitness industry as a spin cycle instructor more than a decade ago.
"I enjoyed pushing [my] body to a limit where it very rarely gets tested," Mr Nagorcka said.
"I really enjoyed the fact I could physically and mentally test myself.

He said he moved into bodybuilding after being encouraged by a photographer to pursue a career in fitness modelling.
"We're not really looking at ourselves in the mirror and thinking we look good," Mr Nagorcka said.
"We're looking and thinking 'I could fill out my shoulders more or maybe my calves could be bigger'. We're critiquing ourselves."
PHOTO: Body builder Lee Nagorcka in action at the national Muscle Mania body building contest.(Supplied: Lee Nagorcka/Jared Taylor)
He said the early rising and strict fat-free diet were as much a mental challenge as a physical one.
"It becomes a mental game towards the end when you become quite depleted but have to train that little bit more," he said.
"But everyone has complete control over their emotions.
"It takes one thought to change how you feel and if you're focused on your goal, it takes one shift of mindset and you can get back on track."
Mr Nagorcka said winning the world title in Las Vegas on November 19 would be a dream come true.
"It's going to be really crazy to think that a small town guy from Ballina will be stepping on stage and mixing it up with people from around the world," he said.
"I thought I couldn't feel any better after the last win.
"I had two days off and then I had to get straight back into it, so to win would be the perfect finish."
* Hangry: so hungry that you become angry.