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Cum Shot

Bukkake Kunce
So because a few kunts from one country get banned, this means every kunt from that country is now banned. Is this correct?

Cum Shot

Bukkake Kunce
yep, great isn't it. countries have to do much more to make sure they are clean.

No its not great, thats stereotyping everyone because of a few that got caught. Its like saying 2 guys in sydney smoke weed therefore every person in sydney must smoke weed, its just not true.

I think the Weightlifters fear the Russians, thats why their out of the game.

Or be better at beating tests.

Thats it, the guys/girls at the top already cheat, they just do it really well.


Well-known member
yep, great isn't it. countries have to do much more to make sure they are clean.

This is the purpose of the rule banning countries for multiple drug testing failures. If you want to play with the big boys, you have to make sure your house is in order. It's a very powerful way to make countries accountable for how their drug testing system is enforced.

If a country wants to use a sporting event as a political propaganda tool (they all do) then there is incentive to cheat. Just look at the IOC.

This way, if a country colludes to avoid testing, when they are (eventually) caught, that country can be removed from the event. If there is state wide collusion to cheat, chances are that if you are a top athlete, you are part of the scam.

The way for an athlete to avoid all that is to switch to another country.


In powerlifting, all you need to do is not compete in the IPF. That way you can avoid all drug testing and set "world" records or "all time" records in a federation that means nothing. It's easy enough, especially in the US where there are more federations than there are states.