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  1. Stiff 2G

    Are these Tits real?

    One of the most famous Tennis players of our time
  2. S

    My first cycle of just Test (440 per week) feedback pls :)

    Hey all, me and a buddy are gonna do our first cycles soon, just hoping for some feedback. we are both late 20s our plan is- 1 amp test e 250 every 4 days 1mg adex OED while on 12 weeks like this then about 2 week after last shot, pct begins 1 & 3 day after 750 HCG 5 & 7 day after 500 HCG 9 &...
  3. Stiff 2G

    Man ‘beheads teacher’ in Paris after he showed kids Prophet Mohammed cartoon

    " An assailant has decapitated a history teacher in France who had recently shown cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in class. Witnesses watched the man decapitate his victim — who was also male — in broad daylight close to the school in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. The attacker was said to be...
  4. A

    Is there any point at all using DHEA for performance enhancement?

    Two pubmed studies show a modest positive effect on strength, which I can't link due to post count - but they are easily found. Obviously it is nowhere near as potent as injectables etc, but given that it may be easier to access, is it worth a shot?
  5. Stiff 2G

    The second amendment

    Are Guns just for phaggotts and cowards?
  6. 0ni

    Fixed roidgut

    Andrew Collura
  7. L


    some Australian just shot up a mosque killing up to 27 people.
  8. S

    Do Steroids turn you into a Pervert?

    I've noticed that a number of people, both here and elsewhere, who take Steroids have the filthiest minds, are almost perverts, and I'm not limiting that to Cum Shot (he is a Pervert) and U.M. Do Steroids turn you into a Pervert or just bring the Pervert out in these people? Or do Perverts...
  9. S

    Converting Lesbians

    Known this smoking hot Brunette for some time now. Seems she's been converted to darkness by this other Dyke. I just wanna stuff this chick. How to convert Lebos? I'll defer to some of AUSBB's most respected and rational posters: Cum Shot Grunta Undercover Big Mick
  10. WoodyAllen

    Lumberjack bench press.

    May not be calibrated weights.
  11. S

    Flu season is about to begin

    Flu season is expected to begin in one week then peak in six weeks (late August). Get your Flu-shot ASAP, wash your hands, cough into your Armpit and wear a Condom.
  12. Darkoz


    Wow I love this........... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT3SBzmDxGk Post up some more if you got em
  13. A

    How Do You Thaw Your Meat?

    The three ways your supposed to do is cold water, in the fridge or the microwave. How Do You Thaw Your Meat?
  14. A

    Recent shot of Finnish bodybuilder Jari Mentula

  15. Davepuppies

    Blood flow restriction / occlusion training

    Has anyone tried this style of training? it is essentially wrapping the end of a limb (example biceps- wrapped at insertion near shoulder) with a pressure of 6-7/10 then pumping a lighter weight. the wrap allows blood into the muscle, but does not allow it to return. results are extreme...
  16. T

    Please suggest the most hassle free way to get a cotrisone shot

    I injured my triceps tendon about 10 weeks ago and stopped training completely to let it rest. It didn't recover and gotten slightly worse, and I'm hardly doing any physical activity with my triceps. It definitely seems like a case of tendonitis and I want to get a cortisone shot. I've had one...
  17. I

    Team Iron Jersey Sneak Shot

    Hey guys, sneak shot of our team IRON jersey to arrive with our next release of goods. Which do you prefer?
  18. Fadi

    You look Too Buff Bro!

  19. Mackie

    Malaysian plane shot down

  20. A