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  1. A

    "In Search of the Perfect Body"

    In Search of the Perfect Body is a new episode of Catalyst, ABC TV’s science series. The episode will explore how some of us seek extreme levels of perfection in our personal appearance. If you're a regular at the gym, a gym owner, or a personal trainer, and you may be aware of a body image...
  2. WoodyAllen

    Weakly Weights podcast

    These guys are slowly building up a nice range of interviews. Just listened to episode 19 with Nathan Baxter. Some interesting advice on training for bench press and also what happened to him leading up to a series of massive strokes that left him near death. https://weaklyweights.podbean.com
  3. spartacus

    World Series baseball 2017

    anyone watching, starts today. la dodgers v Houston astros. I really enjoy watching US baseball, especially playoffs. went to Yankees game last year.
  4. D

    ** flex goes commercial ** commercial series

    COMMERCIAL LEG PRESS RRP $3,999.00 $1,995.00 WAS $2,795.00 SAVE $2,004.00 (50%) AUSBB MEMBERS $ 1795.5 https://www.flexequipment.com.au/armortech-commercial-series-leg-press
  5. A

    Australia's Strongest Man (actually a New Zealander) is releasing a short series of h

    Australia's Strongest Man (actually a New Zealander) is releasing a short series of his story in strongman
  6. A

    Pumping iron: Lighter weights just as effective as heavier weights to gain muscle, bu

    New research is challenging traditional workout wisdom, suggesting that lifting lighter weights many times is as efficient as lifting heavy weights for fewer repetitions. It is the latest in a series of studies that started in 2010, contradicting the decades-old message that the best way to...
  7. spartacus

    Did anyone watch 5 part series on OJ Simpson

    I though it was a great documentary.
  8. I

    ? new releases & restocked! ?

    Hey AUSBB, some new gear and restocks to notify you all about! Gym Bags These bags are unreal, no expense spared here. Roomy, aesthetic - a perfect all rounder! Lifting Belts 10mm, 13mm, Tri Series, Olympic, Quick Release, Single prong all restocked. These belts are phenomenal. Again...
  9. E

    TV show looking for aspiring fitness models & bodybuilders

    Hello, I work for a TV production company and we're looking for people for a brand new TV series on ch9. We're looking for people of all ages who are new to fitness modelling and/or body building. We'd like to follow your progress for a few months as you achieve your fitness goals. If...
  10. StrungOut

    Eric Helms - The Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid series

    Part 1 of "The Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid" series. Good timing for this White_Lie ; . I really do enjoy the information out of Eric Helms and Alan Aragon. Bonus content - Eric's interview with Alan http://www.3dmusclejourney.com/2011-december-qa.php
  11. Repacked

    [Tv] What are you watching at the moment?

    Just started S2 of Legit. Farkin' hilarious and highly politically incorrect. If you haven't seen series one I highly recommend it. Stars Australian comedian Jim Jefferies and has several other faces you'd recognise. Legit (TV Series 2013– ) - IMDb
  12. A

    STRONGER! Olympic Lifting Series - Tyson Edwards

    Watch, laugh and learn as Tyson teaches you more about the sport of Olympic lifting, technique, diet and the hurdles faced for an athlete preparing for competition. Building a Champion - Week 1 Raising the Bar - Week 3...
  13. Neddysmith

    TV - What are you currently watching?

    Hey guys, Since True Detective and Vikings have finished as well as Arrow, I think Park and Recreation have also finished and The League hasn't been on for a while, I was wondering what TV shows everyones watching? Was looking forward to Homeland starting again but cant find a start date for...
  14. A

    The "Big" Series from ANIMAL

    Animal series focusing on training and eating with "Big on the Basics" and "Big on a Budget".
  15. spartacus

    does anyone watch Mike Tyson series on Foxtel

    Tyson pretty strong, doing 6 plates each side on leg press pretty explosively. I like the series.
  16. Neddysmith

    The Walking Dead

    Anyone else watching this? New season starts tmorrow, I had a look and searched but couldn't find another thread the Walking Dead strange.....
  17. A

    Eric Helms - "The Muscle and Strength Nutritional Pyramid" series.

    Part 1: Introducing the Pyramid and Level 1 - Calories - YouTube[/video] Part 2: Pyramid Level 2 - Macronutrients & Fiber - YouTube Part 3: Pyramid Level 3 - Micronutrients, Vitamins, Minerals, and Water - YouTube Part 4: Pyramid Level 4 - Nutrient Timing & Frequency - YouTube Part 5...
  18. harry1970

    INXS mini series announced

    Can't wait to see this one: INXS Never Tear Us Apart | Cast Luke Arnold as Michael Hutchence
  19. A

    Max's Muscle Tv Series 6

  20. Drifter

    Bodysolid series 7 smith

    Does anyone have any experience with this piece of kit? I'm tempted to sell my powertec rack and ironmaster bench and buy one of these with the bodysolid FID bench. It has a smith and also the external gun rack, I could even get the lat option, so I wouldn't be losing any functionality, but...