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  1. C

    Overload and Isolation Exercises

    I know the principle of overload when applied to compound exercises involving the large muscle groups but does it still apply to the same extent for isolation exercises? I would have thought that there must be a limit to how much small muscles can grow so overload becomes ineffective after...
  2. A

    "In Search of the Perfect Body"

    In Search of the Perfect Body is a new episode of Catalyst, ABC TV’s science series. The episode will explore how some of us seek extreme levels of perfection in our personal appearance. If you're a regular at the gym, a gym owner, or a personal trainer, and you may be aware of a body image...
  3. S

    Science is Shit

    We all like to refer to Studies when debating issues, but "red neck right wing Radio" (Macquarie News) had some "educated dude" on during the Week who said that most "Peer reviewed Studies" aren't really reliable due to Peer Review only meaning some Mate with a Degree had basically proof read...
  4. A

    The Decision to Use Steroids | Anabolics Science Explained

  5. spartacus

    is this true? atheists are more intelligent than religious people

  6. S

    Cure for the Cold and Flu

    K Kunce. Letz do what Science has failed to do so far. Letz find a cure for the common Cold and Flu. Rest, fluids, Zinc and .......... ???? P.S. yeh I'm sick, both in the Head and Body.
  7. A

    SCIENCE & HEALTH Champion Rope Skippers' Speed And Stamina

    Want to make it in the double dutch big leagues? Better not skip leg day. Or arm day. Or anything day. Because everything about this sport looks immensely difficult. There’s something deeply unnerving about watching someone’s lower body move at an inhuman speed with metronomic regularity while...
  8. A

    What top 5 lessons have you learned that have helped you lose weight?

    What top 5 lessons have you learned that have helped you lose weight?
  9. Darkoz

    Feminists, be careful what you wish for

    http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/15/us/politics/congress-women-military-draft.html?_r=1 Kapow!
  10. S

    Working Calves without weights

    Is it possible to work Calves effectively without weights? I used to wonder if Hill Sprints were a good way to work Calves, wondering if the greater the gradient the more the Soleus is activated. Whereas the flatter the Hill the greater the Gastrocnemius is activated. Bro-science?
  11. V

    not crazily expensive peptides with good quality in Aus !!

    Wanted to ask you bros if peptides from muscle science aus are a g2g. Found absolutely 0 reviews on it whatsoever despite their popularity.. Emailed the company for quality certificates and they send me these reports on GHRP-2 and TB500 - http://i68.tinypic.com/2aiosoy.jpg[/IMG] and...
  12. S

    The Real Science of Squat Depth - t nation article

    "The ideal squat ends around parallel. This puts sarcomeres in a position to produce the most tension and force. Admittedly, a majority of research studies suggest deep squats are more effective and healthier on the joints than partial squats or parallel squats. These results are to be expected...
  13. steveP

    Catalyst: Fit in 6 Minutes a week

    Saw this last night on ABC. They were essentially testing HIIT vs LISS cardio for the purpose of general fitness (not fat loss). Some interesting science in terms of mitochondria and how it affects your body's ability to regenerate cells, especially for ageing...
  14. S

    ATP Science

    Has anyone used ATP products. Interested in their fat burner and estrogen detox; T432 and Alpha Venus. I have listened to their pod cast and watched their youtube videos, would like to hear from some personal experiences.
  15. spartacus

    Ergo-Log: journal of latest sports science articles

    I am putting this site up in case of interest on whole range of training, diet, and PED subjects. http://www.ergo-log.com/index.html Will add post when something of interest comes to attention.
  16. A

    CAN ANYONE RUN A MARATHON NOVA Discovery Science Sports Documentary

    CAN ANYONE RUN A MARATHON NOVA Discovery Science Sports Documentary
  17. S

    Athletes dying or getting injuried more often nowadays

    Notice how Rugby League players are dying more often now. Young bloke in the Brisbane Comp died on the weekend. Seems to be a lot more common nowadays. UFC fighters are getting a lot more injured in the lead up to fights it would seem. Is it that Science has increased Athlete's Power and...
  18. Goosey

    herbicide in our food

  19. A

    The Mystery of the Female Orgasm, Explained With Science

  20. A

    The Powerlifter

    A short documentary about Molly Kelly (CAS'15), a powerlifter and political science major who interns at the State House.