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  1. spartacus

    American sport

    I watch plenty of American sport. love it. nfl, nba, baseball and soccer. today, 76es finish their regular season with aussie ben simmons on a roll. also red sox play yankes in baseball, one of the great sporting rivalries of world.
  2. Headley

    Astroturf sled track

    Hi guys, I am thinking of buying a roll of astroturf to lay down on a rubberised floor in the gym downstairs to run sleds on. Anyone know how best to secure it to the ground? Does it even need securing to the ground? Would some strong tape run around the edge be good enough? The stuff i am...
  3. J

    Aromasin and MDMA

    Has anyone / does anyone roll whilst on Aromasin? I'm half way through a Test E cycle, running Aromasin @ 12.5mg every second day. Attending a festival in a couple of weeks and was curious whether there's any potentially harmful interaction between the Aromasin and MDMA. Google isn't giving me...
  4. Headley

    Building flyscreens on windows

    Hey guys, Moving upstairs at the gym into a big queenslander house. Has lots of windows with no flyscreens but there are a lot of bloody mossies and midgees flying around so need to get some screens made. Gonna grab some of the following...
  5. Fadi

    Ronnie's First Power Lifting Comp...

  6. Fadi

    Sometimes memories ...

    Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks. Do yours do the same sometimes?
  7. A

    Do you foam roll regularly?

    do you do it daily? Weekly?
  8. Fister Roboto


    Hey any chance we can get strikethrough tags added pl0x?
  9. A

    Post your entry pics here

    post them
  10. Neddysmith

    TV - What are you currently watching?

    Hey guys, Since True Detective and Vikings have finished as well as Arrow, I think Park and Recreation have also finished and The League hasn't been on for a while, I was wondering what TV shows everyones watching? Was looking forward to Homeland starting again but cant find a start date for...
  11. A

    flyes:Do you do them?

    flyes:Do you do them? find them usefuol? find them useless?
  12. A

    Ab wheel roll call

    I'm curious as to how many here do we have that use the ab wheel religiously. I'd like to know: 1) How long have you used it? 2) How do you use it, kneeling, standing or both? 3) How many reps can/do you do? 4) How many times per week, sets and reps? 5) Did anyone start doing them and then...
  13. B

    April Promo and roll up to get your FREE sample pack!

    G'day all, It's been a busy first quarter of the year (probably why you don't see me on here a whole lot) with the business growing day by day! It's April so we've got another awesome promotion for you being; Spend $150 or more and get a FREE bottle of Ripped - our fat burning caps when you...
  14. DKD

    Maccas Bakehouse Brekkie Roll

    I'm a fan of it. U happy?
  15. M

    Protein Fudge Nuggets

    ooh found this on the net..looks good. Protein Fudge Nuggets These are great to take to the gym as a post-workout treat or just for a snack to eat between meals. When you are trying to gain weight many of you really need to packing in the calories so you need calorie dense foods. These...
  16. H

    Melanotan II: Has anyone used this tanning treatment??

    I am thinking about using the tanning treatment Melanotan II. I have had some friends use it and they had great results. All of them got great, all over tans. I was wondering if anyone on here has used this product?? I know it is pretty new. I have heard that the US made stuff is the best (the...
  17. B

    "Sushi" roll ups

    1/2 cup cooked rice 1 TBS seasoned rice vinegar 2 low carb whole wheat tortillas 1 can tuna (water packed) 1/2 cup cucumber strips 1/2 cup thin carrot sticks Stir vinegar into rice. Spread onto wrap. fill with tuna and veggies. Roll into cone shape.
  18. C

    boob accidently brushes up

    Do you say "oops" or nothing at all? Just curious, as it has happened to me a few time ,the most recent was the other day this male colleague at work (middle aged and married) brushed up against my boob a couple of times, a trainer's hand have brushed my arse, it might not have been an...