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  1. B

    B Meinhoff

    45 year old male Powerlifter . About to start competing. Deadlift 279 kg . Squat 259kg . Bench 145 kg . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. A

    Pct tips and tricks

    Hi All 35 year old from Bris here I’m just wondering if anyone would like to share some tips for not feeling so deflated during PCT
  3. H

    What is the worst injury you ever had?

    My was I tore my ACL
  4. trenhard

    [Article] Tennis/golfers elbow whilst on cycle

    Been getting crippling pain in left elbow and seems to be only when I cycle with dbol. It effects sleep and Impedes lifts.. any treatments or advice? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. J

    Hi, I am Joshua

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. trenhard

    Chasing rules and regs

    Don’t want to step on peoples feet or say the wrong thing. Is there a link to Ausbb rules and regs? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Vialli


    I am planning on getting my bloods done 4weeks after I finish My Test E cycle what should I get tested for I have read lots of different advice and recommendations.
  8. WoodyAllen

    The heaviest raw squat in history.

    Ray Williams. Say no more. 456kg squat. Raw. Drug tested. No wraps. Proper depth. In competition. No bull shit.
  9. spartacus

    Australian all-time heaviest raw bench press 285kg

  10. O

    Best online PT courses?

    My partners daughter is wanting to do a PT course. We live in regional NSW so whatever course she does would need to be online with prac undertaken at a local gym. Which are the most recognized courses and which courses are the ones to avoid? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. S

    iPod Nano

    Anyone got an iPod Nano? I've got the iPod Shuffle and a couple of Sony MP3 players I bought during my 'anti-Apple' days. Only problem is the iPod Shuffle doesn't allows singular track repeat play mode. At $219 is the iPod Nano worth it? inb4 Shrek says just use your Phone. I could use...
  12. vegas

    Measurement recording app?

    So after an extended lay off due to injury, I'll be getting back into the swing of things soon. I want to know if anyone has any recommendations for an iPhone app to store and track my measurements (legs, arms, waist etc) and weight. I'd prefer not to buy a full gym app because I have no plans...
  13. J

    Portable speaker recommendation for Bluetooth to iPhone

    Anyone got any good recommendations for a portable speaker to Bluetooth to iPhone / iPad?
  14. O

    Thoughts re a guy at my gym

    My gym is a pretty friendly and social place. Like many people, I generally go there at the same time on the same days and have made a few new friends - both male and female. A couple of the girls and I are now really good friends. There are also a couple of guys that I'm friends with, one in...
  15. B

    DIET DOWN - 1st time.. HELP!!!

    Hey Guys - new to the forum so be gentle :-) My bf was my trainer, we broke up a few months ago and i have not been able to find anyone else that I want to work with.. I focus on powerlifting style training with limited cardio. I have been training for 2+ years - looking to compete Sep 2015...
  16. J

    I-phone into laptop for internet connection?

    Can anyone tell me if I can plug my iPhone into a laptop (via the USB lead) and get on the net? cheers
  17. A

    Cryptocat Creates Private, Encrypted Chatrooms on the iPhone

    Don't want the NSA, AFP, your misses catch you chatting about your next shipment of "protien powder" iPhone: Cryptocat is one of the easiest to use encrypted chat clients out there, and today it's available on the iPhone so you can keep your conversations private on the go. Cryptocat for the...
  18. S

    Why I cover my iPhone and laptop camera and why you should too

    Almost all of us use an electronic device with a camera on a daily basis. "I, like many others, close the blinds at night, so I figured I should probably put some sort of blind on my devices if I cared about my privacy." Be they on a smartphone, laptop or desktop computer, these cameras...
  19. Mackie

    Online shopping for iPhone 4s

    Hi All, I've been doing a spot of online searching this afternoon, looking for a new iPhone 4S 16GB or above in white. Anyone know of any good places online? Don't really have time to go driving here and there looking for one - rather buy online if possible. Must be unlocked and prefer not...
  20. Rugby88

    Favourite supplement/s of all time?

    What is the best supplement/s you ever used - something/s that isnt on the market anymore and you wish you could get your hands on or something you still use everyday? Two of my all time favourite supplements - AST VP2 - still use this bad boy - great taste/great breakdown One supplement I...