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  1. D

    Rating of Perceived Exertion, RPE: worth using / tracking?

    Does anyone use this, how to use this during a workout? If im aiming at 3 sets of 5 reps... but the weight im supposed to do is too easy, and my rpe is low.... then i bump up the weight to achieve a 9?
  2. S

    Another Terrorist attack

    Bump ...........
  3. V

    TB 500 dosage for best results. HELP!

    Whats up guys? Just trying to figure the dosage for TB500 and my protocol. Long story short, I have purchased legit peptides from so-called "anti aging clinic" - that's what they are called here in Australia. They have legit doctor who issues you a script and their peptides get constituted with...
  4. Shrek

    "3CC Freak Muscle Show Webcamming(muscle worship)

    G4P...? https://youtu.be/cnq9xsG1MqU
  5. A

    Ausbb- Australian Bodybuilding forum Transformation Contest

    Back by popular demand is the Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding forum 12 week transformation contest have you got what it takes to take part in the challenge? The official thread and info is here http://ausbb.com/forumdisplay.php?f=108 good luck and may the force be with you
  6. S

    Going the Chocolate

    How many of you dirty bastards go the chocolate, whether it be anus sex or with the tongue? I first heard about people sticking their tongues up their partner's bum from a gay neighbor. Thought it was the sickest thing I'd ever heard. Now it seems more and more heterosexual men tongue their...
  7. A

    Ausbb Best of 2014 Awards

    Most Helpful User Most Helpful/Informative Post Best Weight Loss Transformation Best Physique/Aesthetics Transformation Most Impressive Achievement Most Insightful Comment
  8. A

    Lovemaking and yoga and contortion

    Yoga and contortion can give you a lot of benefits and especially when you're doing it with your partner. There are some "unwritten" rules. First of all your partner normally should be your assistant. You should be his or hers. Any new exercise that he or she will assist you will be very...
  9. Frogman

    Bill Pearl . My all time favorite !!

  10. A

    I introduce to you a new feature

    Ladies and Gentleman , Boys and girl of Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding I bring to you a rather new snazzy feature to Ausbb I introduce you to My bodyspace , which can be found it your profile what is it ? what does it do i hear you ask? Well quite simply it is a place for you to provide...
  11. S

    Wanted to say hi and make an offer

    I'm offering a genuine bodybuilder or big muscle man $100 per week to help them with their lifting goals and adding more muscle in exchange for meeting up to hang out for some discrete muscle admiring sessions. I meet with bodybuilders when I travel to the US who enjoy having their bodies...
  12. A

    Dildo squats

  13. A

    Ausbb critiqued my diet

    For anyone posting their diet up it would also help if you could include the following information... (1) Height (2) Weight (3) Age (4) Training goal (5) How many times you train per week (6) Approximate serving size of food (this would help greatly)
  14. C

    Workout program advice

    Hi All, Hopefully this is the correct forum...Just after some advice on my current workout program: Goal: To gain mass and strength Current lifts: Barbell squat 105kg 3x5 Barbell bench 100kg 3x5 Barbell row 75kg 3x5 Barbell overhead press 65kg 3x5 deadlift 130kg 1x5 Tuesday Workout A...
  15. Big Mick

    Dessicated Liver Tablets

    Are these still legal in Australia, or are they like steroids?? Found some on the net, while I was on the Gold Coast, contacted the guy, and he refused to give me his address, but wanted to meet at the back of a Hungry Jack in the south of Brisbane. I went there at the designated time, this...
  16. Goosey

    Squat or dead-lift

    With all of the variations of this question, it has to be one of the most popular questions in training.* This is an attempt to offer a perspective which you can’t get without stepping back from the question, and to offer some direct comparisons for three popular variations of this question...
  17. A

    Do you own or use a small Gym?

    Do you own or use a small Gym? Do you know someone who own's , or pherhaps you use a small local gym ? Are you wanting a place to discuss topics relevant to your gym? Setting up your own forum can be costly and time consuming,Let Ausbb do the work for you. Ausbb is the place for you , we are...
  18. peanutz

    cycles...and not the bike or steroid kind...

    PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT... sorry dudes who lurk this forum, this is a thread about PERIODS. i've been paying more attention to my health / wellbeing in relation to my cycle lately and i've come up with this... pre-ovulation - i feel drunk and loopy and disconnected from gravity and...
  19. M

    Force USA F-PC Power Rack

    My 1st post is a question sorry :eek: I'm seriously considering getting this rack as it looks pretty solid but the weight ratings seem a bit exaggerated. Could any owners tell me the pros and cons of this unit. Also if anyone has the lat pulldown, is it of good quality ?. Thanks, Marcus
  20. P

    Egyptian husbands can have sex with DEAD wives...

    Outrage as Egypt plans 'farewell intercourse law' so husbands can have sex with DEAD wives up to six hours after their death. By Lee Morgan Egyptian husbands will soon be legally allowed to have sex with their dead wives - for up to six hours after their death. The controversial new law is...